Monday, October 17, 2005

The first time I met Tate

I will never tire of telling the story the first time I met Tatum. We met while we were students at BYU. It was my Junior year and Tate's Sophomore year. We had randomly been assigned as roommates. I had been in town for about two days I had a reason to hang round Provo a couple of days before school started ~the love of my life was hanging around Provo so I was where he was. Tate on the other hand arrived just before school started. I knew one other roommate in the apartment of six ~Melissa my freshman roommate and I had continued to live together through our college career, not because of some great kindred friendship but we definitely had a relationship that worked ~even if it was a little dysfunctional thanks to me. Tatum on the other hand knew no one and was being stuck in a room with other girl that knew no one and was older by like three years than the rest of us ~we were sticking it to Tate. So Tatum had just flown four hours to get to college she had a friend pick her up at the airport and they were now sitting in our front room ~I often think Tatum had begged her friend not to leave her alone and if she hadn't when she first dropped her off she definitely did after she met me.
The first words I uttered to Tate were, "I don't eat blue thing," as I handed her a bowlful of blue M&M's ~they had just introduced the new color and well it seemed to unnatural to me to eat them. Tatum stared at me blankly not quite sure if she should eat blue things like I was quizzing her or I was just plain crazy and she needed to think of the best way to keep me calm (do I eat the offensive M&M's or do I agree with the crazy and banish the blue too.) She definitely wasn't impressed unless you consider fear an impression.
It should be said I wasn't impressed with Tatum either she was wearing this shade of pink that was completely inappropriate for a girl her age ~she was days shy of being twenty and well no one over four should have been wearing that shade of pink. This is were you might think that I am judgmental but if you knew at the time I was a fashion major and it was my job to judge people by what they wore you would be much more accepting of that judgment. I continued at that moment to think about Tatum for about two more seconds and then I had to get busy back to the only thing I spent any really time think about at that point in my life ~my one true love.
I will be forever grateful that Tatum over looked my issue with blue food ~that I am now over, I eat all of the M&M's and never think of sharing them not for any reason let alone color ~I do however still take issue with some of the color things M&M's tries ~the black, white and grey ones were hard to swallow.
I also am glad that I forgave Tatum of her choice of shirts that day ~I later learned that there were much better ways to cast judgment on her wardrobe ~ pink was only the beginning.
Tatum has always been a great friend and I will always be thankful that we were lucky enough to end up in the same apartment by chance ~that was much closer to destiny.

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