Sunday, October 30, 2005

If I were Queen of the Equator

So it is Standard Time once again I love Standard Time ~so does my dad. I think I love it because it gets dark earlier and well I am a night person so it means more night. It also means that it is lighter in the morning and I hate mornings but the light makes it easier to get up and face the day. I know Standard time doesn’t actually change how much light and dark there is it just changes how much of it I am up for.
Anyways I was discussing Standard Time with my sister Whitney tonight when she asked if it is always a 12 hour day around the equator ~I said basically it must be. She then declared "If I was Queen of the Equator" I started laughing I had no idea that the equator had a queen. Anyways Whitney said she would have the sun come up at 9am and set around 9pm and it would be lovely. Unfortunately the equator is more of a 6am to 6pm kind of place ~I did a little research online. I also did a google search for “queen of the equator” and well there already is one
Whitney will be so disappointed.

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