Saturday, October 22, 2005

My hands have had it~

This week was not a good one for my hands for some reason.
On Wednesday I blistered my hands using pliers two nasty ones on my fingers. That wasn’t enough though I also tore them up a bit while I was fixing the sink so I have blisters, and nasty little sores.
Well on Thursday I decided my hands weren’t pathetic enough so for the first time ever ~after probably 20 years of using a rotary blade I cut myself. I didn’t run myself down with the blade I was much more subtle. I left the blade open while I was cutting jean up for a quilt I turned my hand into the open blade and cut myself in two places, one of which was a bleeder ~ick.
Well that’s not enough on Saturday while cutting apples I slipped using a dull blade and I thought I had sort of just grazed my finger ~um not so lucky I cut it.
So now I have three cuts on my left hand, two blisters and two scratches on my right hand, needless to say I am avoiding sharp objects and lemons for the next little while.

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