Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Working ~

I work at a quilt shop ~the corn wagon or as Noelle affectionately dubbed it the porn wagon. The name doesn’t make any real sense but I am starting to think that works for it.
On Tuesdays I work stitchie it is in the basement and the only people that come down there are those who love to embroider or people walking past me to get to the sales. So for three hours on Tuesdays I get to do what ever I want to and no one bothers me ~I listen to my music and work on my projects. Today my projects consisted of an advent calendar and a baby quilt ~ I didn’t finish either but I can’t work on any one thing for too long I am a little manic that way. I think I am in over my head on both projects which makes the desire to complete them less ~I will finish them though I love finishing things and starting things it is the stuff in between that is tough. I feel that way about life it is the stuff in between that is tough. Right now I am in between ~it is tough but I can still remember how much I love finishing things so I am plugging along waiting to finish this up and start something new.

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