Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I want to be Jessie's Girl

I have a crush on Rick Springfield; I have since I was about ten and found the song Jessie’s Girl. I have actually wanted to be Jessie’s Girl ~I want to be so amazing that not only am I dating a hot boy (Jessie) but another hot boy (Rick Springfield) wants me. Anyways I am going to get my Rick Springfield fix this week he is reprising his role as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital and even though I haven’t watched this show since the summer of ’84 I am sure I can catch up fast enough to figure out what Dr. Drake is up to and well crush on him.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas List are a good thing...

The long awaited for much anticipated Christmas List…
I don’t want to hear anything about my list being too long or too crazy ~it is a “wish list” not a “if I don’t get everything on this list I will not show up for the holiday” list ~it is suppose to be a little silly. Also mine isn’t as silly as my friend Marcilyn’s that includes a Mercedes-Benz 2006 SLR McLaren.

Remember these items are in no particular order of importance or cost.

1. Marta Barware ~ I want 10 glasses but will take what I can get.
2. The Muppets Christmas Carol ~best version ever of this fabulous holiday tale.
3. Cookbooks ~ I don’t have any by Jamie Oliver or the Barefoot Contessa and they make lovely books.
4. Red Fishnet stockings ~Target has them.
5. Large Snowflake ornament
6. Black tote bag.
7. Cake plate any pretty one will do.
8. Earrings.
9. Grass & Branch t-shirt eggplant xl.
And just because it is fun to ask for a big ticket item…
10. Allison Necklace

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The best Thanksgiving ever.

I had a great Thanksgiving this year ~the turkey was perfect the side dishes were plentiful and amazing, but at the holidays I always seem to think back on the holidays past and think of every way I was ever wronged on that day by anyone I have ever met and think ~someday they will pay. This year though I am turning over a new leaf and instead of thinking of how Thanksgiving pasts have wronged me (I will get my cousin Sean for cheating at Pictionary Thanksgiving ’88) I thought of the best Thanksgiving ever.

Thanksgiving ’93 will forever and always be my favorite holiday to remember. It was my freshman year of college and I was so desperate to get home that semester I would have done anything to get there ~which did include having my freshman roommate go home with my sister Whitney and her husband on Thursday as I snuck away on Wednesday with my brother Jason. That year Thanksgiving was at my parents house and just us kids as I remember which means ~there was no kiddy table in fact there were no kids unless you counted my 14 year old brother ~which I never counted. So when people visit like my freshman roommate Melissa did you realize either how embarrassing your family is or how cool your family is, my family is cool. On the way back to school Melissa actually complained how my family went to the movies four times that holiday and ended up renting videos one night, she was completely movie overloaded and well I had gotten my fill just like I do with Granny’s yummy cream pudding.

See that Thanksgiving as I said there was no kids table we didn’t have anyone to really watch or entertain except ourselves so we could do cool things like go to two evening movies and two matinees in four days. That kind of thing never happens anymore now there are too many of us ~I mean I wouldn’t get rid of anyone in my family, but man that was the best holiday ever.

~I only remember one of the movies that we went to My Life with Michael Keaton, and Nicole Kidman.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

No good deed go unpunished

I love the musical Wicked I listened to the soundtrack a million times and well I absolutely loved the show it was definitely in my top five New York moments. Anyways there is a song in the musical that declares that no good deed go unpunished. This last weekend I found just what that meant. I was helping my friend Brian out cleaning the oven hood at his restaurant which I love that kind of dirty work except when I slid my hand across part of it I cut the back of my knuckle ~and I didn’t do any mamsy pamsy job of this I took it to the bone. It surprisingly didn’t hurt it was just inconvenient because I could no longer bend my right ring finger and well it got all swollen and fat so I also couldn’t take off my rings. The real zinger though was when on Monday night I had to go get a tetanus shot ~oh man that thing hurt. I haven’t gotten a tetanus shot for eleven and half years so I was totally due. The nurse who gave me the shot that’s the only thing she does so she was the absolute best shot giver I have ever been pricked by. You are supposed to move your arm around a lot to make the pain go away quicker ~but it hurt way too bad to move around. By Thursday both my knuckle and my arm were doing better. I am still a little stiff in the finger but it has healed beautifully. I just want to say I have learned my lesson and plan to never be helpful again ~because if you are you have to get shots in your arm.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Frosting Insects

So I have a little adventure that I like to undertake every once and a while called Ladybug Baking Co. It is a cake business that I do just for fun ~ask me how much fun it is at 1am when I am finishing up a ridiculous birthday cake for a five year old who just wants cake and presents and doesn’t care that the cake looks like a Bratz doll. Anyways this weekend I got to work on three cakes ~

This cake says “Happy 11th Birthday William” for those of you who are unfamiliar with the language of D’ni from the game Myst. I now have a high level of familiarity with a game I have never played.

This one is a BMX bike “Exic” pronounced Eric who loves bikes. Also I checked with his sister three times on the spelling.

This cake was for the Corn Wagon’s Birthday it is suppose to look like a double wedding ring quilt ~I was not happy with the way this one turned out but hey what can I say ~I am still working on it.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Things I love~

I love quotes~
In my journal I write my personal entries in the front and in the back I write down quotes that I find and I am done with my journal when my entries and my quotes meet up.
I also love jewelry~
I love little pieces that remind me of a moment or go just right with that shirt I love to wear.
So you can imagine my joy at finding an artist that combines both beautiful jewelry and sweet little quotes.
Now if I only could afford her~

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tricking the Treaters

So on Halloween I got to pass out the candy, it is my favorite thing to do on Halloween ~so much cooler than parties. Any ways this year I had the help of my niece Brew. She was a Pink Ferry for the occasion and loved the trick-or-treaters coming and visiting her ~she screamed like I was cutting off one of her limbs every time I shut the door and put something between her and the people she loved.

I snapped this photo of her between trick-or-treaters ~she is one and I think she has really embraced the holiday.