Sunday, November 27, 2005

The best Thanksgiving ever.

I had a great Thanksgiving this year ~the turkey was perfect the side dishes were plentiful and amazing, but at the holidays I always seem to think back on the holidays past and think of every way I was ever wronged on that day by anyone I have ever met and think ~someday they will pay. This year though I am turning over a new leaf and instead of thinking of how Thanksgiving pasts have wronged me (I will get my cousin Sean for cheating at Pictionary Thanksgiving ’88) I thought of the best Thanksgiving ever.

Thanksgiving ’93 will forever and always be my favorite holiday to remember. It was my freshman year of college and I was so desperate to get home that semester I would have done anything to get there ~which did include having my freshman roommate go home with my sister Whitney and her husband on Thursday as I snuck away on Wednesday with my brother Jason. That year Thanksgiving was at my parents house and just us kids as I remember which means ~there was no kiddy table in fact there were no kids unless you counted my 14 year old brother ~which I never counted. So when people visit like my freshman roommate Melissa did you realize either how embarrassing your family is or how cool your family is, my family is cool. On the way back to school Melissa actually complained how my family went to the movies four times that holiday and ended up renting videos one night, she was completely movie overloaded and well I had gotten my fill just like I do with Granny’s yummy cream pudding.

See that Thanksgiving as I said there was no kids table we didn’t have anyone to really watch or entertain except ourselves so we could do cool things like go to two evening movies and two matinees in four days. That kind of thing never happens anymore now there are too many of us ~I mean I wouldn’t get rid of anyone in my family, but man that was the best holiday ever.

~I only remember one of the movies that we went to My Life with Michael Keaton, and Nicole Kidman.

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jason said...

Ah, I remember that T-Giving. ShiroKuma (my old white subaru) barely made that trip. I think we may have also seen Mrs. Doubtfire that weekend.