Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas List are a good thing...

The long awaited for much anticipated Christmas List…
I don’t want to hear anything about my list being too long or too crazy ~it is a “wish list” not a “if I don’t get everything on this list I will not show up for the holiday” list ~it is suppose to be a little silly. Also mine isn’t as silly as my friend Marcilyn’s that includes a Mercedes-Benz 2006 SLR McLaren.

Remember these items are in no particular order of importance or cost.

1. Marta Barware ~ I want 10 glasses but will take what I can get.
2. The Muppets Christmas Carol ~best version ever of this fabulous holiday tale.
3. Cookbooks ~ I don’t have any by Jamie Oliver or the Barefoot Contessa and they make lovely books.
4. Red Fishnet stockings ~Target has them.
5. Large Snowflake ornament
6. Black tote bag.
7. Cake plate any pretty one will do.
8. Earrings.
9. Grass & Branch t-shirt eggplant xl.
And just because it is fun to ask for a big ticket item…
10. Allison Necklace

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