Saturday, November 19, 2005

No good deed go unpunished

I love the musical Wicked I listened to the soundtrack a million times and well I absolutely loved the show it was definitely in my top five New York moments. Anyways there is a song in the musical that declares that no good deed go unpunished. This last weekend I found just what that meant. I was helping my friend Brian out cleaning the oven hood at his restaurant which I love that kind of dirty work except when I slid my hand across part of it I cut the back of my knuckle ~and I didn’t do any mamsy pamsy job of this I took it to the bone. It surprisingly didn’t hurt it was just inconvenient because I could no longer bend my right ring finger and well it got all swollen and fat so I also couldn’t take off my rings. The real zinger though was when on Monday night I had to go get a tetanus shot ~oh man that thing hurt. I haven’t gotten a tetanus shot for eleven and half years so I was totally due. The nurse who gave me the shot that’s the only thing she does so she was the absolute best shot giver I have ever been pricked by. You are supposed to move your arm around a lot to make the pain go away quicker ~but it hurt way too bad to move around. By Thursday both my knuckle and my arm were doing better. I am still a little stiff in the finger but it has healed beautifully. I just want to say I have learned my lesson and plan to never be helpful again ~because if you are you have to get shots in your arm.

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