Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Grid what grid where...

Alright I gave it a good try and made it all of two days with out using my phone or the internet~ my how my life seams even more pathetic.
I gave in and used the phone because I had to text a friend in a class information about us meeting for lunch. It had to be done~ The internet thing was just because I missed it. I do plan on not using my phone as much and well I will no longer be using the internet in bed.
The internet in bed became a problem when I was staying up till 1:30 in the morning reading blogs and doing important research on topics that had entered my mind that day ~When is Beethoven’s birthday you ask ~December 16th I would even wake up in the middle of the night and start to google I caught myself googling at 4 am one night thinking of the possibility of a trip to Iceland ~should I go in the spring or in the fall. One can never be too prepared to take a vacation to Iceland; you never know when the need may arise.
So I am back, but I am pretty sure I am going to try to do this again at some point.
Just so you know as soon as I post this I am going to work on a quilt project and watch a show put on the DVR the other night ~easily the greatest thing ever invented.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Off the Grid...

I have decided to have a little contest with myself to see how long I can go without the internet or my cell phone. I have just felt a little controlled by those two things lately and well I thought if I left them alone for a bit ~well maybe I can feel a little bit more in control. Mind you I will have the land-line phone at Whit's so if I need to get a hold of anyone or if there is some sort of dire emergency people will be able to get a hold of me ~I am not headed to any sort of cabin in the woods and well notice I didn't say I was giving up TV, I totally feel in control of TV because I have DVR. Also as part of this experiment I will not be calling anyone's cell phone for a while ~I like the idea of not getting a hold of someone because they have this little thing that always carry around with them.
So if you don't hear from me for a while or can't get a hold of me for a while ~this may be why, but don't worry I will still be thinking of you.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Killing me slowly...

So eleven years ago today I was in Israel, most likely standing in the rain ~it rained most of that first month I was there. While in Israel I got to take some really exciting classes like Paul & the Apostles and some really lame classes like the New Testament ~I blame the professor for that one. Anyways one of the classes I took and really enjoyed was Jewish Culture, it was taught by a very nice Rabi and I learned lots of cool things, also the Rabi would answer any question we had and that was cool. One of my favorite parts of the class was the unit on Kosher Dietary Laws, I try to follow the word of wisdom and well I like the idea of a dietary law or two. I love the fact that you can't eat dairy for three hours after you have eaten meat ~my world of cheeseburgers would come crashing down it isn't quite the same when you eat the cheese part three hours after the burger part. Tonight though I couldn't help but think of the Kosher laws observant of meat, its slaughter and its preparation. To kill something in a Kosher manor it has to be done in what is considered to be the most humane, for beef this is a quick long slice to the neck with a very sharp knife. The meat is then blessed and people buy it. To prepare the meat as much of the blood as possible must be removed ~the essence of life must be taken from the meat. This is what kosher salt was designed for even though I love the way it flavors soups it really was meant to be rubbed on meat to soak all of the blood out of it before you wash it off and repeat over and over until you are satisfied that it is void of life. ~I wouldn't recommend eating Kosher beef.
Tonight I couldn't help but think I am killing myself in least humane way possible, but I am pretty sure I have been well rubbed down with salt and washed of all life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday is Nanny Day

So on Tuesdays I get to do a fair amount of babysitting in the mornings before I head to work for my oh so very lame afternoon shift of 3 hours ~so not worth the drive but I get to work in the stichy room which I really like so it is a trade off ~anyways back to the morning part of my Tuesdays. Whitney has Weight Watcher in the morning and then just after noon she has Kindergarten Take Home Reading Sorting and then Centers, so I am in charge of one or the other of the two younger children a good part of the day, and I don't usually mind but this morning I could have rung Abby's neck.
On Tuesdays I get up at 9:30 when I hear Whitney leave I usually head right to the shower and it isn't usually a problem. Usually Abby likes this time because she gets to feel like she is home alone with out the fear of being home alone. Today while I was in the shower Abby knocked on the door I told her I had to finish up and would be out in a minute ~10 seconds later she started to knock again I told her to hang on and well when she started to kick the door I jumped out the shower soapy and opened up the door ~I figured there had to either be blood or fire for her to knock so violently and yell at me. When I got the towel around me and opened the door there was no Abby so I ran upstairs and yelled for her. When I reached her there was neither blood nor fire just Abby in her winter coat and flip flops ready to head out to her friend India's house and she was just trying to let me know. I pointed out to her that I would have liked it if she could have just waited a minute more for me to get out of the shower, and this is the part that has made me never want to have children "You know I didn't have to wait for you I could have just left." If life is a game of Uno she just handed me the Wild Draw Four card declairing yellow and I was screwed because I knew she was right. On rare occasions Abby goes with her mother in the mornings, either to the meetings or to be dropped at a friends house and I would have had no way of knowing that either of these things hadn't occurred until her mother showed up an hour later asking after Abby at which point I would have had to call the two house most likely to harbor a fugitive in the neighborhood or call the police telling them I had misplaced a child in the name of a citrus scented soap.
I was so dumbfounded at this point instead of playing a Skip I pulled out a Yellow Six and just told her that she had to change her shoes before she could leave.
She didn't end up changing her shoes by the way India showed up on our door step ~in slides that had gone through the snow and yes India got an angry phone call from her mother about five minutes later reminding her that she was supposed to call upon safe arrival.
When Whitney got home I told her what Abby had done to me and asked her to please talk to me before she leaves so I know what is going on. Whitney just laughed and said she would~

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The US Postal Service Rocks

So I love to send mail and I wish I sent more of it ~oddly enough I am to busy drinking diet coke much of the time and couldn't possibly fit in things like writing letters, reading more books, finishing quilting projects and saving the world. I do write Granny when possible and so every once and a while I stop in and pick up a new book of stamps and well this last week I saw they have come out with a new set of stamps and I am just so excited I want everyone to write me so I can have these stamps on letters that I get not just give. ~the problem is you have to buy them in a book of 16 and well most people I know never use stamps so it would take them forever to use the other 15 stamps up. So if you do go to the post office this week or this month please buy the picture book animal stamps and send me a letter using the Olivia stamp ~she is my favorite! And maybe just maybe I will write you back and use a great stamp on you like the hungry caterpillar ~if you write me you can request a stamp for a return letter.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Moma's Chow Mien

Tonight for dinner I made Mom's Chow Mien ~I am not sure the last time I made this meal, but I do know that it is what I made for the dinner party I threw myself for my 24th birthday party ~and yes I prefer to throw my own birthday parties, other people ruin them I find. So it may have been six and a half years since I have had this meal which is better than Whit who has never made it and so it is more likely to be 16 years since she has had and well that means it has been a lifetime for Mac, McGee & the Botts. This is one of my favorite recipes from my mother ~Why? Because it was her mother’s recipe and well we don't have a lot of my Grandma Deschamps recipes. You see my mother didn't learn to cook until she went away to school and well shortly there after her mother moved abroad so a lot of my mothers cooking base comes from roommates (thank Glenna for Chewies) and well my Dad's mom Granny who she lived with for a while and well who are we kidding Dad loves to have dinner his way.
So when ever I make Chow Mien instead of thinking of the most populated country in the world I think of one of the prettiest ladies I have ever had the opportunity to be hugged by. Grandma Deschamps had the most amazing hair when I was little, and beautiful hands that were always busy but beautifully kept, her outfits were just that outfits not something slapped together in a rush to get out the door and she had the most amazing collection of accessories that I have ever seen outside of a museum. I was deathly afraid of her and yet at the same time I knew to be near her was something special and amazing.
So if you have a hankering to get nearer to Grandma Deschamps run to the market and make this meal for dinner.

Chow Mien

2 Pork Chops trimmed and diced
1 Medium onion diced
3 Tbls Butter
3 Celery stalks diced
2 15oz Cans Chow Mien Vegetables drained and rinsed.
Flour, Water, Onion Powder, & Soy Sauce to taste.
In a large sauce pan add 2 Tbls butter, pork chops, and onion. Brown on medium high heat until the onions is translucent and the chops are just about to brown. Now add remaining Tbls butter and celery. When the butter has melted add enough flour to soak up all of the butter, so you have a nice paste covering all of the veggies and meat. Now you add the water I usually add around three cups but this meal can be watered down to feed a crowed or kept pretty think if you prefer. Now add the canned veggies and season with onion powder and soy sauce.
To serve you layer it on a plate with fried rice and chow mien noodles ~so you will also need the fried rice recipe.

Fried Rice

2 Cups Uncooked White rice cooked your favorite way
3 Strips of Bacon quarter inch slices
4 Green onions diced
1 egg
Onion Powder & Soy Sauce to taste.
In the largest frying pan you can get you hands on add bacon and let it cook until it is almost done.
Add COOKED white rice, & green onions. Now you cook stirring constantly and adding more onion powder than you can even imagine being a good idea along with a little soy sauce. ~remember to taste it constantly, you will know when you have added the right amount of onion powder because the rice will be a light tan color from the onion powder and it will have a rich onion taste to it that isn't overwhelming. When the rice is warm and seasoned to perfection squish it to one side of the pan and on the other side of the pan crack an egg and scramble it till it is just done then mix it into the fried rice.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Funny is a Family thing.

Lately I have noticed how funny is so important to me. I love it when I make people laugh (I am only girl funny boys never laugh at me) and I love it when other things especially people make me laugh.
My niece Brooke is a good example of this. She is never happier than when she thinks she is making you laugh, she can laugh for hours if you keep laughing with her and she has about four different laughs that she uses ~one of them is an evil laugh which is my favorite laugh of hers along with one she can't help but make ~the true laugh. The two of us spend a lot of time laughing together I come up with silly little games for us to play and laugh at. My favorite is "I am going to leave" in this one Brooke walks away and waves goodbye, I get really sad and make a poutty face, then Brooke runs back to me all of a sudden and I pick her up and we laugh at how silly it was to think that she would leave me. The best part about this game is how each time she leaves she walks a little further away to make it more believable that she is going to leave me.
~What she doesn't know is I know no one who loves me can ever leave me. I keep those people in my heart with perfect pictures of those moments when we laughed the most together.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday is a Special Day it is the Day we eat the Big Meal

So on Sunday night the Irwin's came over for dinner and I got to be in charge. The Irwin's are friends of Whit & Brent that they met in their first married student ward at BYU, I met them a little later when I visited Whit & Brent one summer ~their oldest Fozzy as he was called then was all of 6 months old, Fozzy is now 14 and I am the only one who calls him Fozzy still. The Irwins now have five children and well I think of them being my friends as much as being Whit & Brent's friends.
I made Chili Colorado for dinner to be eaten as shredded beef burritos. My friend Jen gave me this recipe two years ago and for the life of me I couldn't find it on Saturday night, I called Jen and she didn't have it either, so we talked about it for a while and well this is I feel quite confident in saying is my Chili Colorado recipe ~because I had to make it up.

Chili Colorado
1 Rump Roast mine was 4lbs
1 bottle Chili Sauce (it is next to the cocktail sauce at the market)
1 can Mexican Style Stewed Tomatoes
1/2 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Onion Powder
1 tsp Garlic Powder
Mix together the Chili Sauce, Stewed Tomatoes, Cumin, Onion Powder, & Garlic Powder. Place the Rump Roast in a crockpot and pour the mixture over it. Cook the Roast on low heat for six hours, then take two forks and shred it apart removing the grodie fat and tenden bits that you see, then cook for an other two hours.
At this point it is ready to be served ~I like to make mine into a burrito and feel like I am just as cool as the kids at the Cafe Rio but it is also great with rice and beans if that's more your scene.
Also dinner was a lot of fun as always with the Irwin's, it didn't hurt either that they brought dessert which was Brownie Sundays that had Brian's amazing fudge sauce on them.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Perfect Night Sky…

I love the high moon and the way it lights up the night sky ~like it is watching you, taking care of you ~it is the reflection of someone far away that wishes you well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sweet Everlovin' Music

I never talk about my musical tastes and so know that I am taking a huge risk here and discussing them on the internet. Why you ask don’t I discuss my musical tastes? I have no taste in music I listen to and like such an odd and variable amount of music it is hard to describe myself musically. I also hate what others consider really good music for no other reason than you have got to be kidding me. I also rarely talk about because I am that girl that finds the love of her musical life about 18 months after everyone else has listened to them and formed an opinion so I seam really behind the times.
Today is a good example of this ~while listening to old NPR stories on the internet (don’t start with me on my nerdiness) I discovered OK go ~I could watch the “A Million Ways” dance a million times and never tire of it, it is my new love. The band isn’t bad either, so I will be at their show in February and will encourage my friends to be there as well.
I am also really excited because after taking off a really long time with the excuse of having a baby (he is the father mind you) Rhett Miller is coming out with a new album at the end of February and yes when he tours for it I will be there also.
At this point some of you might be thinking I have okay taste in music and shouldn’t be embarrassed of what I listen to ~this will change your mind ~here are a few of the songs I was caught at some point in public singing along with.
Kerosene, Miranda Lambert
Honky Tonk Badonkadon, Trace Adkins
~had CMT on while reading to Abby this morning
Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond
Leaving on a Jet Plane, Peter Paul & Mary
Aubrey, Bread
~the radio at work, I was scaring Cassi my 18 year old coworker with the Neil Diamond sing along
What’s a girl to do I love show tunes, early 80’s top 40, big band classics ~ I told you I didn’t have taste.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Always a Bridesmaid...

So you should never invite me to your wedding because I will totally take advantage of the situation. My friend Goiey got married last week and well I was a self appointed bridesmaid along with my friends Kara and Tamms. The reason why we were self appointed bridesmaids is because we had the dresses for it. Last October when Tamms was visiting Las Vegas and Kara and I were living there we went shopping together and we all bought the same dress. The rational behind all of us buying the same dress was when were ever going to be together and wear them at the same time so it was totally okay plus the dress was only something like $16 down from $100 so we had to get it. The other rational behind all three of us getting the dress was it would be a great bridesmaids dress for Goiey’s wedding ~we had no idea how handy they would be 15 months later.

Here is a photo of the three of us as bridesmaids at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, Kara, Tamms, & I.
The real reason I got invited to the wedding is because I made the dress ~it is sort of modified version of a couple of patterns we found. It is made out of a bone colored silk and was a really great look for Gioey. I of coarse was tense the whole day about the dress, it wasn’t perfect ~if I had an other couple of weeks to work on it, maybe a month it would have been a little closer to perfect. I don’t have any pictures of just the dress so I cropped a group photo taken at the reception ~I left myself in because you must remember this blog is about me!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Christmas get list...

Alright I am back ~
When I was growing up I loved those meeting with friends on Christmas day when you would get to tell what you got and hear what they got. I still love most to hear what others got but this blog is about me so here I am going to report what I got. I must admit I got most of my list this year ~this is to encourage everyone to make a list ~I am a list lover I love all lists. I however somehow did not get the big ticket item I asked for ~maybe next year.
I finally got the Muppets Christmas Carol oh the completeness I feel ~my niece Mac now is one of my favorite gift givers.
I got a big black bag just like I asked for ~this one can also hold a laptop so when I carry it around I feel very professional ~ I think Santa was hinting at me getting a job (boy will he be disappointed)
I got some spanglie hair items
The perfect cake plate
A Jamie Oliver cook book ~it is the one that goes with the video series I have on him which is fun
A milk bottle vase which I love milk bottle vases I have a couple but they are all fakes and this is the real thing
A novel to read ~ I am about half way through and yes I did read the last chapter but I like reading things that way (tate the thank you note will follow soon sorry for the delay)
Some pretty earrings that were on the list
The red fishnets I wanted, the tree ornament I wanted
A fantastical glitter A
and of coarse how could I forget I also got windshield wipers from Noelle ~a gift that has continued to give the last couple of weeks.

Along with what I got I did have a lot of fun with what I gave,
A quilt, stichy work, items of love from the kitchen ~