Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Always a Bridesmaid...

So you should never invite me to your wedding because I will totally take advantage of the situation. My friend Goiey got married last week and well I was a self appointed bridesmaid along with my friends Kara and Tamms. The reason why we were self appointed bridesmaids is because we had the dresses for it. Last October when Tamms was visiting Las Vegas and Kara and I were living there we went shopping together and we all bought the same dress. The rational behind all of us buying the same dress was when were ever going to be together and wear them at the same time so it was totally okay plus the dress was only something like $16 down from $100 so we had to get it. The other rational behind all three of us getting the dress was it would be a great bridesmaids dress for Goiey’s wedding ~we had no idea how handy they would be 15 months later.

Here is a photo of the three of us as bridesmaids at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, Kara, Tamms, & I.
The real reason I got invited to the wedding is because I made the dress ~it is sort of modified version of a couple of patterns we found. It is made out of a bone colored silk and was a really great look for Gioey. I of coarse was tense the whole day about the dress, it wasn’t perfect ~if I had an other couple of weeks to work on it, maybe a month it would have been a little closer to perfect. I don’t have any pictures of just the dress so I cropped a group photo taken at the reception ~I left myself in because you must remember this blog is about me!


goo said...

Ann, you're gorgeous! Totally showing me up at my own wedding- such a social faux pas. But what can you do when you're a knockout like you are, right?

Thanks for the dress, I love it- you were the only one who could give me what I wanted.

Lucy van Pelt said...

You Rock! The dress turned out lovely and it was all you. Who says a wedding is all about the bride?