Sunday, January 08, 2006

Christmas get list...

Alright I am back ~
When I was growing up I loved those meeting with friends on Christmas day when you would get to tell what you got and hear what they got. I still love most to hear what others got but this blog is about me so here I am going to report what I got. I must admit I got most of my list this year ~this is to encourage everyone to make a list ~I am a list lover I love all lists. I however somehow did not get the big ticket item I asked for ~maybe next year.
I finally got the Muppets Christmas Carol oh the completeness I feel ~my niece Mac now is one of my favorite gift givers.
I got a big black bag just like I asked for ~this one can also hold a laptop so when I carry it around I feel very professional ~ I think Santa was hinting at me getting a job (boy will he be disappointed)
I got some spanglie hair items
The perfect cake plate
A Jamie Oliver cook book ~it is the one that goes with the video series I have on him which is fun
A milk bottle vase which I love milk bottle vases I have a couple but they are all fakes and this is the real thing
A novel to read ~ I am about half way through and yes I did read the last chapter but I like reading things that way (tate the thank you note will follow soon sorry for the delay)
Some pretty earrings that were on the list
The red fishnets I wanted, the tree ornament I wanted
A fantastical glitter A
and of coarse how could I forget I also got windshield wipers from Noelle ~a gift that has continued to give the last couple of weeks.

Along with what I got I did have a lot of fun with what I gave,
A quilt, stichy work, items of love from the kitchen ~


veronica said...

I'm pretty sure I ate 50 to 75% of the item of love you gave us. Thanks again Ann, you're the best, and now you can have your way with my blog.

solidcommagirl said...

veronica is trying to steal you. i love my scarf so much. you are lovely never ever change.