Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Funny is a Family thing.

Lately I have noticed how funny is so important to me. I love it when I make people laugh (I am only girl funny boys never laugh at me) and I love it when other things especially people make me laugh.
My niece Brooke is a good example of this. She is never happier than when she thinks she is making you laugh, she can laugh for hours if you keep laughing with her and she has about four different laughs that she uses ~one of them is an evil laugh which is my favorite laugh of hers along with one she can't help but make ~the true laugh. The two of us spend a lot of time laughing together I come up with silly little games for us to play and laugh at. My favorite is "I am going to leave" in this one Brooke walks away and waves goodbye, I get really sad and make a poutty face, then Brooke runs back to me all of a sudden and I pick her up and we laugh at how silly it was to think that she would leave me. The best part about this game is how each time she leaves she walks a little further away to make it more believable that she is going to leave me.
~What she doesn't know is I know no one who loves me can ever leave me. I keep those people in my heart with perfect pictures of those moments when we laughed the most together.

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jason said...

Oh, Ann, You made me laugh again. Keep on doing it... because apparently I can't leave you now :)