Friday, January 27, 2006

Killing me slowly...

So eleven years ago today I was in Israel, most likely standing in the rain ~it rained most of that first month I was there. While in Israel I got to take some really exciting classes like Paul & the Apostles and some really lame classes like the New Testament ~I blame the professor for that one. Anyways one of the classes I took and really enjoyed was Jewish Culture, it was taught by a very nice Rabi and I learned lots of cool things, also the Rabi would answer any question we had and that was cool. One of my favorite parts of the class was the unit on Kosher Dietary Laws, I try to follow the word of wisdom and well I like the idea of a dietary law or two. I love the fact that you can't eat dairy for three hours after you have eaten meat ~my world of cheeseburgers would come crashing down it isn't quite the same when you eat the cheese part three hours after the burger part. Tonight though I couldn't help but think of the Kosher laws observant of meat, its slaughter and its preparation. To kill something in a Kosher manor it has to be done in what is considered to be the most humane, for beef this is a quick long slice to the neck with a very sharp knife. The meat is then blessed and people buy it. To prepare the meat as much of the blood as possible must be removed ~the essence of life must be taken from the meat. This is what kosher salt was designed for even though I love the way it flavors soups it really was meant to be rubbed on meat to soak all of the blood out of it before you wash it off and repeat over and over until you are satisfied that it is void of life. ~I wouldn't recommend eating Kosher beef.
Tonight I couldn't help but think I am killing myself in least humane way possible, but I am pretty sure I have been well rubbed down with salt and washed of all life.

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Lucy van Pelt said...

It's time to snap out of it, sista!