Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday is Nanny Day

So on Tuesdays I get to do a fair amount of babysitting in the mornings before I head to work for my oh so very lame afternoon shift of 3 hours ~so not worth the drive but I get to work in the stichy room which I really like so it is a trade off ~anyways back to the morning part of my Tuesdays. Whitney has Weight Watcher in the morning and then just after noon she has Kindergarten Take Home Reading Sorting and then Centers, so I am in charge of one or the other of the two younger children a good part of the day, and I don't usually mind but this morning I could have rung Abby's neck.
On Tuesdays I get up at 9:30 when I hear Whitney leave I usually head right to the shower and it isn't usually a problem. Usually Abby likes this time because she gets to feel like she is home alone with out the fear of being home alone. Today while I was in the shower Abby knocked on the door I told her I had to finish up and would be out in a minute ~10 seconds later she started to knock again I told her to hang on and well when she started to kick the door I jumped out the shower soapy and opened up the door ~I figured there had to either be blood or fire for her to knock so violently and yell at me. When I got the towel around me and opened the door there was no Abby so I ran upstairs and yelled for her. When I reached her there was neither blood nor fire just Abby in her winter coat and flip flops ready to head out to her friend India's house and she was just trying to let me know. I pointed out to her that I would have liked it if she could have just waited a minute more for me to get out of the shower, and this is the part that has made me never want to have children "You know I didn't have to wait for you I could have just left." If life is a game of Uno she just handed me the Wild Draw Four card declairing yellow and I was screwed because I knew she was right. On rare occasions Abby goes with her mother in the mornings, either to the meetings or to be dropped at a friends house and I would have had no way of knowing that either of these things hadn't occurred until her mother showed up an hour later asking after Abby at which point I would have had to call the two house most likely to harbor a fugitive in the neighborhood or call the police telling them I had misplaced a child in the name of a citrus scented soap.
I was so dumbfounded at this point instead of playing a Skip I pulled out a Yellow Six and just told her that she had to change her shoes before she could leave.
She didn't end up changing her shoes by the way India showed up on our door step ~in slides that had gone through the snow and yes India got an angry phone call from her mother about five minutes later reminding her that she was supposed to call upon safe arrival.
When Whitney got home I told her what Abby had done to me and asked her to please talk to me before she leaves so I know what is going on. Whitney just laughed and said she would~

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