Sunday, January 22, 2006

The US Postal Service Rocks

So I love to send mail and I wish I sent more of it ~oddly enough I am to busy drinking diet coke much of the time and couldn't possibly fit in things like writing letters, reading more books, finishing quilting projects and saving the world. I do write Granny when possible and so every once and a while I stop in and pick up a new book of stamps and well this last week I saw they have come out with a new set of stamps and I am just so excited I want everyone to write me so I can have these stamps on letters that I get not just give. ~the problem is you have to buy them in a book of 16 and well most people I know never use stamps so it would take them forever to use the other 15 stamps up. So if you do go to the post office this week or this month please buy the picture book animal stamps and send me a letter using the Olivia stamp ~she is my favorite! And maybe just maybe I will write you back and use a great stamp on you like the hungry caterpillar ~if you write me you can request a stamp for a return letter.

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