Tuesday, February 28, 2006


To day is my friend Marcilyns 22nd Birthday. Marce is easily one of the funniest people I know and is definately hands down no contest my favorite 22 year old. Marce also has a fabulous sense of roommate fashion (taking your roommates clothing and making them into a much better outfit than your roommate ever could,) and dance moves that make indie boys hearts melt.

P.S. We need a better photo of the two of us.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mini Me...

Often when I watch Brooke it is in the morning so we get ready for the day together ~she has usually had her breakfast when I get up but she will still eat some of mine because she loves the flakes, yogurt & toast which are my morning staples ~plus you can pawn your crust off on her she doesn't know that is the bluckers part yet. We also get to get dressed she plays with my bracelets while I get dressed and well I get to pretend she is my supper model when it comes time to dress her ~I like to put her in layers a lot of the time ~the more the merrier.
Last week Brooke and I had been hanging out most of the day together and I got ambitious and did her hair ~she screams like you are trying to tear her apart when you get a comb next to her but I felt like tormenting her so I put her hair in two little pony tails ~it was soooooo cute I then put her in a t-shirt, khakis, and a cardie. When the other girls got home from school they asked me why Brooke was dressed just like me ~I hadn't even realized we were matchy matchy until they pointed out my little "mini me" to me. All I have to say is this gig is better than barbies.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am taking two outfits to work tomorrow

When Tate and I were undergrads one of my favorite things about her was that when she wanted things to change she would change her clothing ~the days not going well, a different outfit might do the trick ~good thinking the clothes often make the day.
Today I could have used about three more outfits...
1. the irs lost my refund and i should get it in about a month ~not today like i had planed on
2. work sucks and i do not get paid enough for sucky work
3. to anemic to give blood

Friday, February 24, 2006

It ain't what it use to be...

Years ago watching the Olympics meant rooting for the USA over all of those nasty eastern block countries and most of all the USSR, but once that was really hard for me to do. I loved the outfit the girl in Russian pair’s figure skater wore on for her short program. It was the palest blue you could imagine and it had sweet little pastel chiffon roses come down over the shoulder. I felt guilty willing them to win because her outfit was too pretty to loose ~it was just too un-American to own up to. I don’t remember if they won or lost I just remembered at my friend Heidi’s house you didn’t root for the other team. To this day that has been my favorite Olympic moment. I just finished watching the girl’s figure skating with my nieces tonight and well ~I can safely say they don’t get it. They weren’t rooting for anyone they weren’t heartbroken about the falls or impressed with any of the outfits. Mac did notice the plunging necklines of some of the skaters and note that those were immodest. Abby commented on how rude her mother and I were commenting on how a Japan’s skater can seem way to tall ~aren’t they short there. Anyways I am blaming the professional side of things on ruining the Games ~but I can tell you right now I still think America rocks when the games are played and sometimes I secretly root for other countries if they have better outfits.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Desserts on Me...

On Saturday I had a lovely dinner with my friend the Harrison's and the Alisa's. The Alisa's hosted the meal at their new table and the Harrison's brought me a date ~she is four months old and wore her best bloomers for me and even let me hold her for a while but she only really smiled for her dad. Anyways the meal was great and the company couldn't be beat and I got to make dessert for the meal. In honor of our hosts and the fact that I love to be culturally insensitive to my friends I made Samoan Brownie Sundays ~Joe Alisa is Samoan among other things. So you want to know how one makes Samoan Brownies Sundays, that's easy you let the Girl Scouts do most of the work. I made brownies from the box, topped them with Dryers Girl Scout Samoan cookie ice cream. Then poured caramel sauce on them and finished them off with beautifully toasted coconut. If it hadn't been 20 degrees out that night I am pretty sure it would have been just like the island oasis that is Samoa. If any of you love the Samoa cookies like I do I really do have to tell you this was a hit and should be tried at the next possible opportunity.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Smart Ass Brother One, Dumb Sister Zero...

Just as a way to get to know me better it should be say I look forward to January 31 as a gleeful holiday. When I have done my own taxes it has been on January 31st and I filed them that very instant over the phone ~I only did my own taxes when I lived in Virginia and people still filed their taxes over the phone. I still really like to do my taxes very first thing that I can and will be a bit pesky about it (sorry dad.) Anyways this year my dad decided to pawn off my taxes on my little brother Gage ~there was some confusion as to what need to be done about my five months living in sin city but declaring my self a Utahan.
Anyways I called Gage my little brother who has an accounting degree and works for some sort of tax software company up and he said he would be glad to do fill out my 1040EZ for me. So the very next day February 6th I drop my W-2's in the mail and waited to see what would happen. Gage a boy after my own heart as far as taxes were concerned said he had gotten my stuff that day and had already gotten them taken care of and just need to know which of my bank accounts I wanted the direct deposit to go into. He also said he was sending me back the stuff for my own records and instructions on how to pay the state the $35 I owed them ~or am going to stick to them.
So on Saturday night when I got home just before midnight I was reading my mail and saw the letter had come from Gage so I quickly flipped through it and then FLIPED OUT ~$96 there was a bill for $96 all I could say was "What the Hell was he thinking." I then remarked on how mom & dad should never have been allowed to have a sixth child they were clearly too old and the birth defects of a late life pregnancy had only really reared there ugly head in his 26th year. I called mom the next day and let her know how I felt about her last child. Anyways when I talked to my dad the next week he said he felt bad at what had happened at his suggestion and was sending me a check for my tax processing. I finally decided to face the bill again on Wednesday after 10 days of cursing my little brother and telling several people how stupid he was. AND NOW IT IS MY TURN TO BE STUPID...
I looked closely at the bill trying to figure out exactly who to make the check out to when I realized it was FAKE! The numbers on it were things like 123-4567 opps. In my defense I would like to say it was late on Saturday night when I looked at the paper work. Also because of my current financial situation (making a pittance,) I am a little sensitive when it comes to bills. Anyways the first phone call I made was to dad ~who got a good hearty laugh about it praising Gages ability to make me sweat. My mother called later that day telling me I had to eat crow and that clearly Gage was not the mistake that had been made. She let all of my other siblings ~that I hadn't even whined to about the whole thing know how dumb I was. Dad also called back later that day saying that I had to take Gage and his family out dinner this next week and praise his wit with the check that had been sent. The last phone call of the day was made by me to Gage congratulating him on his coo and letting him know of the dinner on dad.
I hate little brothers especially SmartAss ones.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Death by Chocolate...

A million years ago and an other life time ago Tatum and I were co-eds and we had the best Valentines Days together. Tate is married now and has lovely married people Valentines Days but once upon a time she had to make it on her own on the worlds silliest holiday. Well not exactly on her own she had me and a lot of other very single friends that had to make it on there own so what did we do. We had Death by Chocolate! Death by Chocolate is the celebration we came up with when I broke up with the love of my life on February 8th and there was no way in hell I was going to spend the 14th pouting about it. We delivered invitations to all of the kids in the ward and invited kids from classes and friends in general. The turn out was so good that first year we did it the second year again. We didn't do it a third year because well we weren't in 54 anymore and well it just wasn't the same. So Death by Chocolate was chocolate pot luck party ~I can't believe I don't do more of these. It was not only a lot of fun to eat a lot of chocolate but it was also really great to see what people brought. The boys always brought way better things than the girls ever did to the party. My favorite to this day was Stephen our home teacher who brought chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate cool whip.
So all I can say even though I have yet to have a lover on this designated day of lovers I still love this day and hope that everyone else can have an absolutely lovely day today!


I went an entire month with out a cold and now I have one. On the way home tonight I was driving and realized that the dripping of my nose wasn't just that drip you get when you come in from the cold but a full blown cold again ~I went to the closest store and purchased both airborne and zicam. I am now fully medicated with some pain killer and a humidifier helping me fall a sleep also. I can't face an other cold, and rumor has it we are in for snow again ~but it has been so pretty the last couple of days.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just an other talent to add to the sheet...

So every once and a while I like to try my hand at something new and well this week it was chocolate. I am sure you are thinking "chocolate is nothing new for Ann I have seen her consume ungodly amounts of it in a single setting." Yeah but I have never made truffles before with it, and well now I have. I Tvioed an episode of the Barefoot Contessa that had chocolate truffles in it as well as an episode of cheap eats with them ~so I decided I had to give it a try. They tasted just lovely and the texture was spot on. The failure in my chocolate career is shape ~for the life of me I couldn't get that melon baler to work properly I tried a about a dozen different methods to get these cute little round truffles and well they looked like I put Brooke in charge and I felt like Brooke had been in charge because I was slathered in chocolate by the time it was all over ~(right now my internet boyfriend is thinking that is sexy.) All in all I think a little more practice and I will be able to reach perfection ~I will also be reviewing the tvio to see if there are any little wrist flips or slow rolling methods I seem to have over looked. If you would like to try my lovely recipe I made up for "Hint of Citrus Truffles" it is as follows.

Hint of Citrus Truffles

1 12oz. bag semi sweet chocolate chips premium brand
1 half pint whipping cream
1/4 tsp real lemon extract
1/4 tsp real orange extract
2 tsp very fine orange zest

Heat cream with extract and zest in a small sauce pan on medium heat until a slow boil occurs ~remember to stir so you don't scorch. Place chocolate chips in a shallow bowl, pour boiling cream over them and let stand for two minutes. Wisk cream and chocolate together until smooth. Cover and refrigerate for one hour at this point try to form balls (good luck,) refrigerate again for 15 minutes. Roll in hands to smooth surface and then roll in powder of coco and sugar for a lovely finished look that keeps them from sticking together.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Getting called out...

Tonight at dinner with a friend I totally got called out on being a mental health hypochondriac ~it is so true.

In Protest

Today I wore flip flops and went with out a coat ~ I refuse to acknowledge in any way that we will be having six more weeks of winter and to prove this point I have altogether stopped acknowledging winter. I may have to fake sick if there is a snow day again this year because I can't get to my car in flip flops, but I will not give into this season any longer. Just so you know I at times protest summer in a similar fashion refusing to leave anything air conditioned unless it is for a water activity.
All in all I did have a lovely holiday and heard warm greetings from many of my friends which was the real celebration for me.