Monday, February 20, 2006

Desserts on Me...

On Saturday I had a lovely dinner with my friend the Harrison's and the Alisa's. The Alisa's hosted the meal at their new table and the Harrison's brought me a date ~she is four months old and wore her best bloomers for me and even let me hold her for a while but she only really smiled for her dad. Anyways the meal was great and the company couldn't be beat and I got to make dessert for the meal. In honor of our hosts and the fact that I love to be culturally insensitive to my friends I made Samoan Brownie Sundays ~Joe Alisa is Samoan among other things. So you want to know how one makes Samoan Brownies Sundays, that's easy you let the Girl Scouts do most of the work. I made brownies from the box, topped them with Dryers Girl Scout Samoan cookie ice cream. Then poured caramel sauce on them and finished them off with beautifully toasted coconut. If it hadn't been 20 degrees out that night I am pretty sure it would have been just like the island oasis that is Samoa. If any of you love the Samoa cookies like I do I really do have to tell you this was a hit and should be tried at the next possible opportunity.

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