Friday, February 24, 2006

It ain't what it use to be...

Years ago watching the Olympics meant rooting for the USA over all of those nasty eastern block countries and most of all the USSR, but once that was really hard for me to do. I loved the outfit the girl in Russian pair’s figure skater wore on for her short program. It was the palest blue you could imagine and it had sweet little pastel chiffon roses come down over the shoulder. I felt guilty willing them to win because her outfit was too pretty to loose ~it was just too un-American to own up to. I don’t remember if they won or lost I just remembered at my friend Heidi’s house you didn’t root for the other team. To this day that has been my favorite Olympic moment. I just finished watching the girl’s figure skating with my nieces tonight and well ~I can safely say they don’t get it. They weren’t rooting for anyone they weren’t heartbroken about the falls or impressed with any of the outfits. Mac did notice the plunging necklines of some of the skaters and note that those were immodest. Abby commented on how rude her mother and I were commenting on how a Japan’s skater can seem way to tall ~aren’t they short there. Anyways I am blaming the professional side of things on ruining the Games ~but I can tell you right now I still think America rocks when the games are played and sometimes I secretly root for other countries if they have better outfits.

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