Friday, March 10, 2006

Bunko is sort of like Relief Society...

So tonight I was supposed to go to Relief Society but I ended up going to Bunko instead. This would be proof that I was a bad person except I won tonight and well a lot of girls from the ward were there so it was almost like I went to Relief Society. If you don't know what Bunko is you are missing out. I was first introduced to it in high school my friend Shay's mom loved the game and was constantly hosting Bunko parties for her kids it was a lot of fun. My sister Whitney is actually in a Bunko group and I am a sub so I get to come most months. Every Bunko group plays by their own rules and if you do a google search for bunko or bunco you will find a million hits for a different versions of the game ~I played a couple of times in d.c. for money where a lot of drinking was also involved ~i didn't participate in that part of the game but I still never won so that will tell you about my skills.
Anyways at Whit's group you get dinner, dessert, and prizes along with all the gossip fix you can imagine. Tonight's prizes were purses and since I won I got choose first. I would just like to say I truly feel like "Charity Never Faileth" and isn't my purse cute.


goo said...

You know, when you break movie dates with someone by saying you have to host a Relief Society birthday party for the ward, you better not blow your cover by blogging about what you really broke the movie date for!

p.s.- I really love the bag, green is so me right now.

p.s. again- I really hope Debi Lee reads this, as the p.s. was put in just for her because I know she loves them.

Kara said...

My group of friends in vegas (which includes two-thirds of the ward council) occassionally holds an "RFHE" when we feel the need to skip out on the scheduled activity. We even have a song, prayer and lesson. It provides a needed break from the under-20 crowd.

It sounds like you attended the "Reorganized Enrichment," so you're totally justified. Besides, that bag really is marvellous!!