Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Super Sweet Maggie...

I love it!
I got a package in the mail this last week ~it wasn't a surprize or a present but none the less it was super sweet. I love this t-shirt designer I found online last summer and at the time I got her Double Goldfish shirt in Chocolate and but for this summer I got the Swirlie in Lemon and I love it ~it is totally skimpy and my sister Whit thinks the neckline is a little much but hey you got to flaunt what you got.

And he writes too...

I listen to a NPR as I commute I love it ~I am instantly in my fathers car commuting with him to swimming lessons at the Y every time I listen to NPR in the morning and I loved having time with my father all to myself when I was growing up so NPR automatically makes me happy with that memory. Besides the memory though I usually learn cool things that I repeat and desperately hope makes other people think I am cool ~it doesn't work but I am sticking with this one, because it may work at some point.
Well a couple of weeks ago I was listening and heard the most beautiful ascent read this fabulous first page of book and I was hooked. I had to know more so I googled the name and ended up here. Where I found out Markus would be at a reading in Salt Lake the next week so I made plans to see him because I knew if we met we would love each other forever. Well we did meet and well we aren't going to love each other forever ~it would be awkward with his wife and all but the evening was a huge success none the less.
I met up with one of my freshman from college friends ~she knew me 12 years ago and still can be tricked into returning my calls. We went to the Kings English this great local book store for the reading where we met several authors not only Markus it was a Random House Young Adult Author tour. Five authors were discussing there books that evening and one other set of authors sounded really interesting you can check them out here. But this is where it get good ~Shannon Hale author of Goose Girl was there too and we talked to her and I had her sign a book for my cute niece Mac who is the Goose Girl herself with beautiful blond hair that will not be cut. It was too much fun to talk because she was so amazed that she had fans ~she has a lot of fans believe me.
After the signing we got Chinese take out and watched shows off TVio ~you already know how I feel about that magical box. The night was huge success I met a cute Australian, had him sign a book for me and a friend, gushed all over Shannon Hale and got Chinese food and ice cream.
Hurray for Me!

I do have my good days...

Good days are few and far between for me right now ~some of which is my own making so am trying to be a good sport about and well not make myself miserable. Partly because work is always on a computer these days and I am a little bit miserable I don't blog like I should I mean who really wants to know that I consume more diet coke than anyone thought humanly possible or that I am currently at my highest weight ever according to my parents scale this weekend ~maybe i should only consume diet coke. Anyways I am going to write a couple of blogs now about really good days I have had over the last couple of weeks that I feel really bad about not writing about... so enjoy.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Good Friday!

This Blog is a Shout out to my favorite Catholic Svinny ~Hi Svinny I hope you are having a lovely Easter Season out in D.C. ~Just so all of my D.C. friends know I miss you teribaly especially in the spring when things are in bloom the the Orieals are playing at Camden Yards ~I now secrectly long to go to a Senators game and become a fan of theirs too. May you all enjoy this season of the resurection, especially you Svinny.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rain Drops on Roses & Wiskers on Kittens

If you have watched the Sound of Music about 5000 times like I have you know every word of every song and personally I have a really great time sing them with my niece Bottsie she loves show tunes. Often times though I will replace the real words of a song with other words especially if the word is in a foreign language that I don't know and well my word makes more sense than those crazy German words they are sing out really loudly so who can understand them anyways.
This weekend I couldn't get the song "My Favorite Things" out of my head especially the line "door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles." I had the best schnitzel with noodles at the German deli downtown and it also had fried potatoes and brown gravy and was just plain nummy! I will admit right now it has been a long time since I have had this meal and so I might be a little more impressed with it than I should be but it was the perfect meal for a rainy Saturday afternoon that made it seam like "when the dog bites"