Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rain Drops on Roses & Wiskers on Kittens

If you have watched the Sound of Music about 5000 times like I have you know every word of every song and personally I have a really great time sing them with my niece Bottsie she loves show tunes. Often times though I will replace the real words of a song with other words especially if the word is in a foreign language that I don't know and well my word makes more sense than those crazy German words they are sing out really loudly so who can understand them anyways.
This weekend I couldn't get the song "My Favorite Things" out of my head especially the line "door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles." I had the best schnitzel with noodles at the German deli downtown and it also had fried potatoes and brown gravy and was just plain nummy! I will admit right now it has been a long time since I have had this meal and so I might be a little more impressed with it than I should be but it was the perfect meal for a rainy Saturday afternoon that made it seam like "when the dog bites"


solidcommagirl said...

the boy i went on a date with last week has never seen the Sound of Music. we are not going on another date. it's like we are from two different worlds.

Lucy van Pelt said...

Upshot - real men will watch The Sound of Music, but not many of them appreciate the true brilliance of the music, scenery, and story.

BTW, I love schnitzel. Too bad I haven't had a really good schnitzel since I was in Europe last. I might have to come visit you and go to the German deli downtown just to remember how great it is.

Speaking of my favorite things, have I mentioned how much I like singing along. I don't have to know the words and I don't have to be in tune. It doesn't matter if it's watching a musical or commuting from work. Singing along rocks!

miss sparks said...

when i was in austria, i went on the sound of music tour. we got to the gazebo, yes, THAT gazebo. and no one was singing. it were 2 american tourgroups and a japanese tour group just standing there staring at the place where liesl and rolf made the magic happen. well, i didn't grow up on the sound of music for nothing. i stepped onto the gazebo steps, took a deep breath, and started belting out "i am 16, going on 17..." the crowd swooned, little japanese men took my picture and old men from omaha pulled out their camcorders. the agency i booked the tour with offered me a job. too bad i already had my mission call. it may have been one of the best experiences of my life. and by that, i mean the sound of music tour...oh alright, my mission was pretty special too.

Hotlips Harrison said...

In the spirit of making up your own words when a song contains a foreign language, to the tune of the primary children's song, "Happy Birthday", I say, "'Gratulaydaymaydonkin', Norweigans say it too, but anyway you say it, it means Happy Birthday to you!!!" OR, to the "Gratitude" primary song, I sing, "All over the world tender voices hear. Some say 'dank' other's 'merci',
'oh honshashimashu', we thank thee." What?