Thursday, May 25, 2006

Home again Home again...

I made it home this last weekend ~I love going home especially when I am headed home for no particular reason. I was headed home to celebrate my Birthday but that isn't a real reason.
When I got home on Thursday night I had presents waiting for me ~I love that. I got two t-shirts from Nollie and a new wallet from Jason's Gang I also had wedding announcements from two friends and a card from my Granny.
When I woke up on Friday morning and made my mom french braid my hair and put on one of my new tee's I got to go to quilt group and then Mom Dad and I went to the movies.
I really liked the Da Vinci Code I thought it was entertaining and well I think the actors were fun to listen to ~Tom Hanks not who I see as a Harvard Prof but I still can't think of who I would have cast in the part ~but the hair I consider a necessary evil ~it makes it almost believable that he teaches at a college. After the movie I headed out to Whit's house to hang out and baby sit for the evening. The two older girls decided that playing at a friends house all evening instead of hanging out with me so it was just me and the baby. We had dinner and a bath and she let me put her hair in ponies and we didn't have to share our kissables her mom had bought for us knowing that both of us love them. ~we played hide & seek and watched tv ~well I watched tv she played with her fisher price bubble gum machine. The one really cute thing was her love of my t-shirt it has a picture of Buddha on it and said "shake your Buddha" she thought it was hilarious and when I said to her "shake your Buddha" she would show me her tummy and she would point at my tee again and I would say "shake your Buddha" and she would show me her tummy once more ~man I love messing with the baby.
On Saturday morning we celebrated my birthday with ice cream pie ~my favorite and a trip to the farmers market. We also ate at the beanery and went shopping ~mom got new jeans & I got a skirt. I also worked on some sewing projects and well I even got two of them done ~well sort of I might take the skirt I made apart and remake it.
All I can say is that weekend passed by way to fast but good times always do.


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Ann! Right this second I could just tell you what I am going to say because it is one of those rare moments where you are at my house (knitting!) but I think it is way more fun to type a message for you to read later. I think you need to start posting pictures of your sewing projects on your blog. I want to see them. Okay well, I will get back to paying attention to you. Oh, and you better blog about the awesome night we are having eating and knitting.

Lucy van Pelt said...

I hope you love that t-shirt as much as I did. And it's even more fun when the wee one's can have fun with your clothes too.