Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am Like a Star Shinning Brightly

Today I am wearing my ittsy bittsy star earring that Tatum gave me for Christmas years ago. I really do love the little star earring ~everyone knows stars are my signature shape. ~I am sure you are asking your self though "~Why on a Tuesday isn't Ann wearing her usual ladybug earrings?" Once again I have lost one of them ~I don't loose things I have a very sharp mind and I just don't loose things I can remember what my friend Lisa Marie's favorite outfit in the ninth grade was I certainly can remember where my earrings are. Unfortunately the ladybug earrings have a tendency to jump ship ~I lost one about 18 months ago while shopping and well I believe I lost this one playing volleyball ~further proof that I should never have to play that game. ~So now once again my mother the sweetheart that she is is getting not just a replacement made for me but two spares and she is having a clasping back put on them.
Lately I have been feeling like I am a complete disaster and well loosing the earring is proof of that ~I just have to remember also that when I am at my worst others seem to do their very best for me and I will always be grateful for that.


Lucy van Pelt said...

Just look at Courtney Love and know you're not a disaster.

Kara said...

I can relate. I have been losing things lately too and I feel as though it somehow reflects poorly on me.

I am missing my glasses and ipod. (expensive--ouch) I really love my new glasses and don't want them to be lost. I am going to check the lost and found at the temple when I go tonight.

I have reason to belive my ipod may have been stolen out of my car by the mystery person who turned off our power last week. (I shouldn't have left my car unlocked, even if I was just planning to run inside.) But I have to add that I have a SERIOUS issue with the power box for the house being IN THE FRONT YARD. That's the worst possible place. Someone told me that this is common in Las Vegas. Stupid developers.