Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It finally got here...

So Spring has finally sprung in Utah ~it has been a long hard wait but quite worth it. My friends with allergies would say that Spring came to Utah about a month ago and they can't wait for it leave ~but for me it isn't spring until you start to eat out of doors ~and well this weekend I ate out~
On Saturday I was invited up to Salt Lake to take in an early matinee with my friend Aimes ~and after words we went to the Blue Plate and ate on the Patio. I had the buffalo burger and Aimes she had cranberry pancakes ~I am not a huge fan of pancakes or cranberries but I had a bite of hers and well I almost became a believer ~next time I have every intention of getting the pancakes ~most likely the chocolate chip ones though. Lunch was really fabulous more for the company than for the food and the food was good. I also luckily was wearing my swirlie shirt so I got a little bit of tan on my chest.
On Sunday there was even more eating out side ~unfortunately the company this time was the exact opposite of the company last time aka "not awesome." It was a large pot luck dinner with the luck of the pot being wether or not people actually brought something ~and I am even bending my rule of a two liter of coke is not something here and people still didn't bring anything. Don't get me wrong some of the kids brought things, there was really amazing guacamole, and strawberry shortcake and a fruit dip that is the definition of lovely ~but still a lot of the crowd wasn't cool and didn't bring anything cool. This is were I am going to admit to bringing something impressive even though I knew this crowd ~I was just hoping one of the boys I am currently crushing on was going to be there and well I have a reputation to uphold. ~The secret to this impressive dish is that it is easy and awesome so I am going to tell you right now if you have a pot luck to go to this summer and there might be someone worth impressing at said pot luck take this dish.

Fruit Salsa

1 Bag Frozen Raspberries
1 Bag Frozen Strawberries
3 Kiwi
2 Green Apples
3 Tbls Jam
2 Tbls Granulated Sugar
1 Tbls Brown Sugar

In a large bowl pour in frozen raspberries. Dice frozen strawberries and add to bowl. Peel and dice Kiwi add to bowl. Dice apples with peels still on for color and add to bowl. In a small bowl mix jam, sugar and sugar, when combined pour over fruit in the large bowl. I usually put a lid on the large bowl at this point and just shake it all together but if you don't have a lid you can just stir to mix.
It now needs to sit in the fridge for about an hour to get really juicy and for all of the flavors to mix together.
To serve you can use corn chips or you can make your own cinnamon and sugar chips.

Cinnamon & Sugar Chips
24 8" Flour Tortillas
1 Cup Cinnamon and Sugar mixture
1 Cube Butter Melted

On each tortilla lightly butter and sprinkle C&S on both sides. Cut into ten wedges, 12 if there is a double dipping issue ~these are too small to double dip. Place on a baking sheet and Bake in a 350' oven for about 8 to 10 minutes.


Lucy van Pelt said...

Ahhhhh, the fruit salsa. Truly impressive and easy. It was the biggest hit at my wedding reception last summer. I even have some in the freezer still. It might not be quite as lovely anymore though.

It's lovely in Seattle now, but it's been too cool and breezy to eat outside. I'm still waiting. It might happen tomorrow.

jason said...

my oh my. me likes the fruit salsa but not for the fruit salsa. it's all about those cinnamon+sugar chips.

aimes said...

matinee and brunch sure was lovely - my reward: a very awkward looking sunburn due to the fact I was wearing very oversized sunglasses and sitting in a way that only one short sleeved arm was cooked to a deep red perfection. But, it was all worth it for the pancakes and the pannzy!

Andrea said...

Whoah, Ann! I'm definitely in need of that salsa! Thank you for sharing. Wow.....