Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So I like certain things lay off...

I am trying to get all of those things that I have unpacked back into boxes right now and I am learning all sorts of things about myself so here is what I know so far.
~I love bowls I own 20 of them ~four of them match my dishes.
~I love Cardies I own 19 of them ~six of them are white you don't want them to get to dirty.
~I love dishtowels I have 21 of them that are brand new ~three weeks of doing dishes with out doing laundry awesome.
~I love ribbon 33 spools ~and that doesn't count the cut yardage of ribbon I own.
I know I have a couple of issues to resolve but what can I say I am working on it.

Monday, July 24, 2006

What could I have possibly been doing...

So when I wasn't busy blogging in May, or June really for that matter I was doing something. I was working on projects ~here are just a couple of them ~I will post a couple more later this week I don't want to brag all at once.

For my birthday I made myself a skirt you can't really see how silly this skirt is in this photo but it is a beach scene with people swimming and sunbathing on it ~I love to wear this little bit of silliness to church.

Here is the knitting project I am working on ~I bought the yarn when I lived in Virginia it is a lovely brown heathered wool from Ireland it matches my favorite winter hat to a tee and I can't wait to sport them together.

I hope everyone is having as much fun working on projects this summer as I am ~this last week I was very naughty and started on a new quilt I will post a progress picture of it later too.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Night Games...

I think everyone in some ways loves where they grew up ~I love the Boise ~my sister Whitney really loves the Boise so she moved here ~I just visit but I love visiting in the summer. It was just shy of 100' today here and the line at the Sonic to get my Diet Coke was so long I almost melted ~my skin really did feel funny. Tonight though driving home from enrichment it was so lovely out. It is that perfect high desert night that makes you want to play night games or roam the neighborhood with your friends or have a spend the night out on the tramp ~I love Boise all of the time but there are some moments that remind the most why.

why supper heroes wear costumes...

So I am still going through boxes and there really isn't any end in sight. All I can say is I am getting to be good friends with the guys at DI this week and I am tired of SPIDER WEBS!!! Yesterday in the 90' weather I had resort to wearing gloves. The reason for the gloves is they make me completely invincible ~some how a microscopic layer of plastic makes it so I can touch anything even groddy spider webs. This has got to be why the supper heroes wear those silly costumes because it makes them feel invincible even against things like bats ~poor Robin the Boy Wonder he just wants to be a bird and he has to hang out with all of those creepy bats.
On the box front the only thing that I am really proud of getting rid of is the emotional clothing ~these are pieces of clothing that no longer fit are no longer in style ~won't be cool to pull out of a box in 20 years and make my nieces feel like they have found a treasure. This is the purely emotional stuff like my Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt from Paris that I had matching with Rob ~a boy I dated 12 years ago or the sweat pants my mom made me when I was ten and were my favorite and I wore them so long I cut them into shorts so I could wear them in high school where the wore me more than I wore them ~ick. Sometimes you just have to move on so you can collect other things that won't mean a thing to you in 12 years.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Friends for a while...

As some of you may or may not know I am currently in Boise going through my boxes ~my parents will be moving next month and in an effort to not have my things lost in the shuffle I am consolidating and relabeling a few things and well yes I finally threw out all of my undergraduate notebooks ~I have no idea why I saved my testing center score of 56.6% on an exam for the last 11 years but it has finally been thrown out with a lot of other papers. I did how ever come across some interesting papers in a couple of notebooks like an unsent letter to my sister Whitney telling her about my first kiss with Rob ~I am saving that one.
Also I came across a game of MASH ~for those of you who don't remember Junior High School or their Freshman year of college let me remind you what MASH is, it is a way to see your future by choosing four boys you want to marry, four cars you want to drive, and four numbers at random that turn out to be how many children you will have, and then of coarse there is the MASH will you live in a mansion, an apartment, a shack or a house ~only MASH can tell. Well I played this game of MASH with my friends Erin & Stacey our freshman year in the dorms. Erin just so you know you were going to marry Evan, have five children, drive a truck and live in a house. I on the other hand was going to marry Mitch have no children drive a truck and live in an apartment.

Because I don't post enough Photos...

Here is a photo of the cake I made for Noellie's Birthady Happy 40!!!

Home from the Coast...

Who knew you could get a sunburn at sea level when it was only 70' out. I found out the hard way as my chest is all pink now. I spent one lovely day at the beach knitting ~nothing makes you think of a wool scarf like a clear day with surf rolling in the background. On other days I was lucky enough to do some sight seeing ~I went to Fort Clatsop the winter home of Lewis & Clark. I walked around town enjoying the shops and even got a couple of really lovely dinners out ~I do love Thia fried rice. I can't wait for my next vacation to the Oregon Coast it is such a lovely place. Oh and I also got all gooey a couple of nights eating smores roasted on the beach ~west coast rocks.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

anything is better than nothing...

I know you are never going to read my posts again you don't want to be my friend any more and I have to live with that because I never post anything ~well I promise a good post sooner than later this just won't be it.
I have spent the last week with family and it has been lovely ~I started last weekend in Idaho Falls celebrating my Granny's 90th birthday ~that is a long time just ask any 31 year old if they think they can do this three time over and I am here to tell you I have my doubts ~thank heavens I live recklessly so I can die young ~although they say only the good die young so I guess I will live forever. After a lovely start in Idaho Falls the family moved on to Boise for the rest of the holiday weekend and I was a trooper I didn't even get bent out of shape when it rained on the parade ~I got my homemade cheeseburger so it was a great holiday in my opinion. Also here is a shout out to my sister Nollie she turned 40 this fourth so I got to be on cake duty ~she got a toad stool in an effort to make a yellow bowl cake into something of interest.
tomorrow I am off to the Oregon coast for a week and then I will be back in Boise again to work on a project I have been meaning to get around to this year ~better late than never as I say.
I promise cross my heart photos soon soon soon.