Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So I like certain things lay off...

I am trying to get all of those things that I have unpacked back into boxes right now and I am learning all sorts of things about myself so here is what I know so far.
~I love bowls I own 20 of them ~four of them match my dishes.
~I love Cardies I own 19 of them ~six of them are white you don't want them to get to dirty.
~I love dishtowels I have 21 of them that are brand new ~three weeks of doing dishes with out doing laundry awesome.
~I love ribbon 33 spools ~and that doesn't count the cut yardage of ribbon I own.
I know I have a couple of issues to resolve but what can I say I am working on it.


Kara said...

Issues? I believe those are called assets. I also have a wealth of bowl and ribbon assets. However, you have me completely beat on the dishtowels. (Hence the reason you maintain the title 'Domestic Godess')

I just have one question. Twenty-one towels = Three weeks of dishes? Did I, unknowingly, grow-up in an unhealthy dishtowel environment? The 1 dishtowel per day concept is completly new to me.

Lucy van Pelt said...

Too funny! I don't have the bowls and ribbon, but I have my fair share of cards and fat quarter fabrics. There's also the purse collection (growing by 1 tomorrow when you bring me my most lovely one yet).

Can't wait to see you!