Thursday, July 20, 2006

why supper heroes wear costumes...

So I am still going through boxes and there really isn't any end in sight. All I can say is I am getting to be good friends with the guys at DI this week and I am tired of SPIDER WEBS!!! Yesterday in the 90' weather I had resort to wearing gloves. The reason for the gloves is they make me completely invincible ~some how a microscopic layer of plastic makes it so I can touch anything even groddy spider webs. This has got to be why the supper heroes wear those silly costumes because it makes them feel invincible even against things like bats ~poor Robin the Boy Wonder he just wants to be a bird and he has to hang out with all of those creepy bats.
On the box front the only thing that I am really proud of getting rid of is the emotional clothing ~these are pieces of clothing that no longer fit are no longer in style ~won't be cool to pull out of a box in 20 years and make my nieces feel like they have found a treasure. This is the purely emotional stuff like my Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt from Paris that I had matching with Rob ~a boy I dated 12 years ago or the sweat pants my mom made me when I was ten and were my favorite and I wore them so long I cut them into shorts so I could wear them in high school where the wore me more than I wore them ~ick. Sometimes you just have to move on so you can collect other things that won't mean a thing to you in 12 years.

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