Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Former Olympic Glory...

So this last week my parents moved from their house of 37 years to a new house six miles down the street ~I don't have any real interest in the new house but the old house is where I grew up and all of my childhood memories reside. My brother bought the old house so I can visit anytime I want to ~they plan on doing a bunch of remodeling but my parents have already painted and changed enough things that it no longer looks like the house I grew up in so remodeling doesn't bother me.
The best part of the move has been remembering things, we found all of the old play people and a bunch of other toys that never get brought out any more and my mom went through a lot of my grandmothers things so it was nice to see them.
The best thing though ~my parents gave their old freezer the heave hoe so when it got hauled away they found things under it. My mom was absolutely amazed by a nickel that looked like it had been pounded with hammer about five times. I asked to see it and I said indeed it was a nickel that had been pounded with a hammer and had it not flown under the freezer it would have been pounded until it was unidentifiable and then we would have put a whole in it and added it to the rest of the medals for the backyard Olympics we often played. I ask you what is the point of Olympics without medals? Mom seemed confused by my explanation but seemed to let it go as she has most of the crazy things we did as kids that she didn't know about.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Future Cool Mom or....

I am either the saddest 31 year old I know. I have been hanging out with my nieces and as we were running errands yesterday I let them listen to Radio Disney ~I knew every song. I have no idea how this can be I mainly listen to NPR and when it starts to drive me nuts I just usually float around channels to what ever isn't playing a commercial. I will on occasion watch VH1's top 20 count down but that can't explain it. I do however love that song skater boy and I am blaming knowing all of those words on living with the 8th graders it sounded like something they would have liked and listen to all of the time.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Oddles of Projects...

So I told you I would show you what else I have been up to project wise.

Here is a quilt I made out of Amy Butler Fabrics and a Buggy Barn pattern. Botsie was told to show me her teeth in this photo in hopes that she would smile ~doesn't she have nice teeth.

Here is a pillow that I made that looked like a really good idea but I have my doubts about it at this point ~plus what does one do with decorative pillows. All I can say is it is an Amy Butler pattern and I am a sucker for Amy Butler.

I do love projects and just as a heads up I am still working on the scarf and it is coming along nicely and I should also have another quilt top done this week out of my new Denyse Schmidt book.