Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Former Olympic Glory...

So this last week my parents moved from their house of 37 years to a new house six miles down the street ~I don't have any real interest in the new house but the old house is where I grew up and all of my childhood memories reside. My brother bought the old house so I can visit anytime I want to ~they plan on doing a bunch of remodeling but my parents have already painted and changed enough things that it no longer looks like the house I grew up in so remodeling doesn't bother me.
The best part of the move has been remembering things, we found all of the old play people and a bunch of other toys that never get brought out any more and my mom went through a lot of my grandmothers things so it was nice to see them.
The best thing though ~my parents gave their old freezer the heave hoe so when it got hauled away they found things under it. My mom was absolutely amazed by a nickel that looked like it had been pounded with hammer about five times. I asked to see it and I said indeed it was a nickel that had been pounded with a hammer and had it not flown under the freezer it would have been pounded until it was unidentifiable and then we would have put a whole in it and added it to the rest of the medals for the backyard Olympics we often played. I ask you what is the point of Olympics without medals? Mom seemed confused by my explanation but seemed to let it go as she has most of the crazy things we did as kids that she didn't know about.


gamine said...

Wow. You were creative with your medals, we just used canning jar lids covered with tin foil... impressive

Lucy van Pelt said...

I can't believe I missed the purge. What fun! It would almost be worth the work.

I must admit that I'm quite happy that the brother bought the house so we can still go there any time we want.