Monday, August 07, 2006

Oddles of Projects...

So I told you I would show you what else I have been up to project wise.

Here is a quilt I made out of Amy Butler Fabrics and a Buggy Barn pattern. Botsie was told to show me her teeth in this photo in hopes that she would smile ~doesn't she have nice teeth.

Here is a pillow that I made that looked like a really good idea but I have my doubts about it at this point ~plus what does one do with decorative pillows. All I can say is it is an Amy Butler pattern and I am a sucker for Amy Butler.

I do love projects and just as a heads up I am still working on the scarf and it is coming along nicely and I should also have another quilt top done this week out of my new Denyse Schmidt book.


Lucy van Pelt said...

Right. Decorative pillows are always much better in theory than in practice. Too bad.

Erin said...

You simply can't regret the pillow. It is stunning. If you can't appreciate it, I know someone who would. :)

Your quilt...I am speechless. We really need to do an exchange of sorts.

gamine said...

The picture doesn't do your quilt justice! It's great in the photo, but live and in person - it is georgeous, darling!