Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why 31 is so awesome...

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Joaquin Phoenix
Ryan Adams
Giovanni Ribisi
Ryan Seacrest
Drew Barrymore
Niki Taylor
Eva Longoria
Sutton Foster
Zach Braff
Dulé Hill
Enrique Iglesias
Lauryn Hill
Jamie Oliver
Angelina Jolie
K.T. Tunstall
Tobey Maguire
Sufjan Stevens
50 Cent
Jack White
Charlize Theron
Casey Affleck
Michael Bublé

And most of all because...
Tatum Delynn Enyart Johnson turns 31 today!
Happy Birthday Tate!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hi my name is...

and I am an addict. For about the last year I didn't watch TV let me explain. I lived with my sister and it was really more trouble than it was worth to watch anything that wasn't on the disney channel ~then I lived alone and didn't bother to have a TV plus I don't like to watch TV just for TV I like to watch my shows I like to pretend I live in Stars Hallow and work at the White House as the Aid to the Deputy Chief of Staff. I only watch TV when I can be apart of it. Just for the record I use to date the Laird of a Scottish estate but it became to difficult ~PBS had a hard time getting all the episodes in order. I don't watch reality TV because it is too real and if I can't be a part of it I want no part of it for the most part ~except Project Runway but only the first 10 and last 10 minutes the dram in between I can do with out.
I am now jobless and live with my parents and will do just about anything to fill the time and...
This last year I had on several occations noticed people talking about Grey's Anatomy and my friend Mary Anne watched it and recommended it highly and couldn't believe I didn't watch this show. Well this summer I turned on Oprah one day to see what the world was doing and she was talking about Grey's Anatomy and then I noticed it was going to be on on Thursday night so I decided because I had nothing better to do to see what all this fuss was about ~I am hooked. I am now a surgical intern at Seattle's Grace Hospital which is a good thing because my job at the White House just ended this last spring and I am looking for a new challenge especially because I have really low expectations for my life in Stars Hallow because the original writer has left and things are just too weird with my boyfriend Luke these days.
So to prove how out of hand this addiction has gotten I bought the second season on DVD if you want to brow it please let me know the guilt I feel over buying TV is over whelming and I would love to share it. I am slightly justifying my actions though by letting you know I have been very productive on my knitting while watching TV and even though I have no idea what I am doing I am working on a baby sweater I will let you know what happens to it.

Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated...

Yesterday my sister and I went to the cannery ~this isn't a hip club it's church service. My sister is in charge of getting people to go and do this act of service and since she has never done it before she decided to go and since I am jobless and like to get out of the house I said I would go with her. We worked on the line making sure all of the pears that went into the cans were free of stems, skins and yucky spots. I personally felt very responsible in doing my best knowing how some mothers struggle to get their kids to eat fruit ~I wanted to make sure I did my part not to gross any kid out so they would never eat a pear again. At dinner that night when my very serious oldest niece asked about the cannery I told her I had to tell her mom not to leave her glove on one of the pears at the end of the shift ~she didn't get it and asked more than once why you would leave your glove on the pear. I have to tell you that four and half hours working at the cannery felt very much like Lavern & Shirley a show my 11 year old niece knows nothing about.