Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Blogiversary...

Happy Blogiverary To Me
Happy Blogiverary To Me
Happy Blogiverary Dear Diet Coke, Light Ice
Happy Blogiverary To Me

So I have been Blogging now for one year in that time I have managed to write 85 times about what pleases me ~this is a journaling record for me the only time that I have been so diligent was study abroad but that doesn't really count as nothing that happens in foreign countries really counts.

I just want to say thank you for all of you that read my blog it makes me happy that in some little way we are close because the only thing that fits between us is a little cyber space.

I do have to say I want to thank one of you a little more than the rest ~who ever can comment with the secret word that I am thinking of first will get a Blogiverary present! I can't help but give a hint ~it has to do with the second entry on my blog~


Lucy_vanPelt said...

Blue M&M's

Happy Bloggerversary!

goo said...

I don't know the secret word, although I did read the second blog again, but, congrats! A whole year under your belt!

So your blog makes the fifth thing I've named- two nieces, a nephew, a preschool, and a blog. I don't count Hula because she's my dog and I always had the right to name her anything I wanted.

Lori said...

Happy's been good to meet you..

annzy said...

you guys didn't even try ~i guess Lucy wins ~I will send you your prize shortly ~most likely with mom next week. thanks for playing ~oh and the word was Tatum!

solidcommagirl said...

has it been a year? crazy. time flies when you're having fun on 'the internet'.