Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Stocker blog...

My friend Erin recently wrote a lovely piece about fall that I loved and found truly inspiring ~so far from her list of fall things to accomplish I have accomplished the following
1. I have made soup ~see yesterday’s blog.
2. I have watched both the BBC and the Focus Features Pride & Prejudice in rapid succession to make a better decision about comparing and contrasting the two. I have decided that I love the stuttering Matthew Macfadyen does during his declarations of love and I prefer the way Colin Firth looks in love.
3. Attended a Fall festival ~I have gone to the Hidden Springs Harvest Festival and to the pumpkin patch.
4. I finished a quilt project ~and that is the same as finishing a knitting project in Erin's world
I think 4 out of 8 isn't bad and you never know I might do a couple of more...

~Tomorrow I think I will do a Fall Photo Shoot to get you caught up on what I have been crafting!

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miss sparks said...

DC in the autumn is so so lovely. this sunday i'm planning on making a yummy beef veggie stew and whole wheat biscuits. i'll report the results to you later ann. let's face it, i aspire to your domestic goddess status.