Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't tell me show me...

So on Friday I was teaching World History for Mr. Peachy as my sub assignment. For reasons I can not explain the fifth time I taught the class we got done 20 minutes early ~I saw this coming about 10 minutes into the class these kids were quick and on task and seamed to be listening ~something that didn’t happen every hour, plus by now I had my speal pretty well down by then. Mr. Peachy had prepared two options for me if this happened.
1. I could have them read an extra chapter in the book.
2. I could let them watch a video on Vikings.
So I told the kids they had the two options to choose from and I would be making my decision based on their behavior.
~two hands shot up I called on the first student.
“ I really like your tights.”
“Thank you.” I said as I called on the second student.
“Your outfit is really cute.”
Now my hand goes up “you do not flatter subs by complimenting them on what they are wearing you flatter them by behaving and keeping quiet.” The students were quiet the rest of the hour and enjoyed 20 minutes of Vikings on video.
~Just for the record though my tights were really cute and the whole outfit really came together in my opinion as well as that of some really astute students.~


Lucy van Pelt said...

They think they're clever monkeys, but they're not so much. Berry, berry funny. I want to see your tights now.

Kara said...

Hee hee. Good story.

Did your outfit involve something plaid? When I think Ann and tights, I think plaid.

goo said...

I'm going to need to know what the outfit looked like, you know that, right? I'm expecting a post with pictures any second now.

Lori said...

Luff-ly. The tights are muy linda if you ask me. Although, I was ridiculed at church whilst wearing mine. But I'm in cowboy country. Maybe in Idaho, things are a bit more sophisticated. Glad your outfit came together. I love when that happens. I finally bought some long shirts and wore my skinny jeans today. I though the outfit came together, but apparently no one else did, because no one noticed. So sad.

veronica said...

I actually read this and re-read this thinking "thighs" instead of "tights" both times.