Thursday, November 23, 2006

I use to be thankful for...

I found this in an old e-mail I sent to my family as I spent my second Thanksgiving on the east coast without them.

i am thankful for...
hobbes my car so i don't have to metro or bum rides
my short commute to work ~so i can sleep late and still make it to work on time
non stick skillets
gap jeans
watches that are set five minutes fast
mom's spaghetti
videos so you don't have to leave the house every time you want to see a flick
albertsons grocery stores because they make sense
e-mail so my friends and family can write me
co-workers so i don't have to do all the work
federal holidays and 15 vacation days so i can make it through the year
the d.c. temple
peanut butter and chocolate ice cream
my friend both near and far
the holidays because i get all those christmas cards and the music is good too
grip staplers because they make me look cool
spoons because it is hard to eat soup with a fork
nieces so there is always something to spoil
baby brothers so there is always something to tease
water to drink and swim in and to throw on unsuspecting roommates
my charlie the tuna erasers -so i always have someone to talk to in my cubical
and most of all i am thankful for my family, all of it even the mean ones that had thanksgiving without me

This year I am thankful for...
Talents that I have been blessed with & get to share
Family including eight nieces & nephews to spoil
My orange cardie
Diet Coke
My friends all far away
Blogging so I can keep in touch with friends I would have never have met otherwise
The Library
My car LOLA that runs beautifully
Temp teaching because those 8th graders are a real kick in small amounts
Flip flop weather
Most of all I am grateful that the whole family could gather together this year and that we all love to be together ~and tattle tell on each other 20 years after the fact.

May everyone be blessed this holiday season.


Lori said...

Very nice list. I'm thinking I should make one too...but am too lazy. Hmmm. I am also grateful for diet coke. I would add Target to the list too.

Lucy van Pelt said...

How fun to find the old list! I wonder what I would have been thankful for 10 years ago. Probably most of the same stuff I'm thankful for now. And I'm still thankful for you!

PJMcD said...

It was a pretty nice thanksgiving except I didn't see you that much on accounta you were either sleeping ,craftin' shopping for craft stuff or else I was watchin' football. Im thankful cuz yer cool but most of all cuz I love the way my wife lights up when you call her on the phone.

P.S. Maybe someday you might try to make me a boss necktie. Not a tasteless General Authority / lamoid salesman tie but one with a way cool fabric and pattern.Just think how thankful I would be for you when I get something like that????