Saturday, November 11, 2006

My life in the movies...

This is a warning I might ruin the movie stranger than fiction for you so read only if you don't mind that sort of stuff.

The photo was added because I like it and well it gives a little bit of space so you won't accidentally read the post. O-kay I loved the movie I saw it Friday afternoon with my sister while the baby took a nap at my parents house and it was the best way I could have ever imagined to spend the afternoon.
I loved the movie because of the way they used words in it ~I miss use words all of the time and I love big words and I love words that have just the right meaning at just the right moment ~this movie on two occasions did it perfectly.
1. "I want you" this is what Harold says to Ana when he lets her know he is into her ~not "I like you" or "I am interested in you" he fully admits that there is something deep down in him that is connected to her and he wants it ~it is a gut feeling that I so often get and I love that he says it just like that instead of something cheep like "I love you" ~he doesn't know her he just wants to.
2. "I adore you" this phrase in my opinion is so much better than "I love you" better like the difference between a hot water bottle and the surface of the sun in terms of heat. "I adore you" is surface of the sun hot.
For 113 minutes I felt like I was living in Chicago and enjoying myself completely as I got to know Harold, Ana, Kay, Penny, Dave & Professor Jules Hilbert. It was just what a movie ought to be 113 minutes of else where, where I wanted to be.


Lori said...

I quite enjoyed this movie too. I didn't think I would, but I loved it. But I had to wait to read your blog since I just barely saw it.

Lucy van Pelt said...

The DH and I went to this over the weekend and we both loved it. I just checked out the soundtrack, and I love that too. I'm buying it. Just so you know. And I love that some of those songs are in your "mixed tape" request.