Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No Hablo Espanol...

So the fun of being a Sub is you have no idea what you are going to teach most days when you show up and well I sub 7th 8th & 9th graders and most of the time that is the last time I actually had to learn these subjects for testing. ~Yeah for a liberal arts degree or as I like to call it my Arts & Crafts degree.
Well this week I got to teach Spanish ~I have been to Mexico & Spain and survived just fine so I figured how hard can it be to work with 8th & 9th graders on Spanish. The teacher had been for warned that I was a non-spanish speaker so he had prepared a fitting lesson for me ~Cognates these are words that look the same in English and Spanish ~I knew this Spanish and all went well until we came to the second part of the lesson plan... I had to hand out last weeks exams for the kids to correct for half credit. These kids knew I didn't speak Spanish except for what I like to call Survivor Spanish I can count to ten, find out where the bathroom is and ask if anyone speaks English ~along with helpful words like milk, water, green. So why on earth did these kids keep asking me to help them correct their test? Most of the classes were find with my reply to use their neighbor or their book but 8th hour turned on me and said mean things to me about not speaking Spanish ~I hate the last class of the day.

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Lucy van Pelt said...

Pienso que usted aspira en la enseñanza substituta del español. Ha, ha, ha!

Just kidding! You rock!