Friday, December 08, 2006


How in heavens name did it get to be so late in the month already? Well Christmas is just getting pulled out of the boxes and that includes Advent. I love advent I love each and every day watching the count down to the last & best part of the year.
When I was growing up we had the best advent calender ever ~each and every day one of Santa's elves would leave a note in the calendar for us, each day we did a little something dictated by the man himself to get ready for the 25th. Here is the photo of my very own "Pretty Lady's" advent, and since I am the only child home I have been making up what the elf has been saying the last couple of days ~tonight it said "dinner & a movie" I had PF Changs and The Holiday ~all oh so lovely.

I love advent so much though that I don't just do one calendar. ~Last year I stitched up this lovely little idea from Bareroots.

This year I made envelope advents and sent them off to Swell & Roo both of whom have given them rave reviews ~one of which included premature opening.
I hope everyone has a lovely time celebrating this holiday ~I will show you more of my celebration later~


Lucy van Pelt said...

You have the BEST projects ever! I love Advent as well. My lovely Santa is haning on the wall, but the elves keep forgetting to visit. Hmmm...

Erin said...

I saw The Holiday too! I loved it--perfect holiday feel good movie.

stefan said...

you can run, but you can't hide.