Monday, January 29, 2007

Mad Skills...

Tonight I went to my knife skills class taught by the U of U aka that other Utah School ~it was in their continuing ed stuff so I don't feel like a real traitor.
The class was awesome, I haven't been cooking a lot lately because I am staying with friends right now. It was so great to be in the kitchen and using my knives again that I love so much ~I have the Wusthof Classics ~I have a 8" chefs knife but I covet the 10". Gretchen O'Connor that taught the class was a lot of fun she works at the Citris Grill ~she was a little nervous it was her first class although she does in home cooking lessons for people. Any ways because it was a knives skills class we did a lot of chopping ~I was of coarse a natural and asked if I had any previous training ~yes thanks to my mom and 4-H.
When the class was all said and done we had some Gazpacho, Peasant Soup, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, Jicama Coleslaw, Cucumber Coleslaw and Salmon to go with all of our soups and salads. I am going to pass along the Jicama Coleslaw recipe because it was so lovely with salmon you really must try it next time you get a chance. ~oh the best skill I learned in the class, when you scrap the food on your cutting board with your knife to repile it or to scrape it into the bowl, flip the knife over and use the back so you don't dull the blade.

Jicama Coleslaw

1 Red Onion ~small diced
1 Large Jicama ~grated
1 Bunch Cilantro ~chopped
1 Red Pepper ~small diced
1 Green Pepper ~small diced
1/2 Cup Orange Juice
Zest from one Orange
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 Jalapeno ~minced (optional)

Place the grated jicama, diced vegetables, and chopped cilantro into a bowl; mix together. Add orange juice, zest, salt & pepper; let sit for 20 minutes. Toss again before service. Adjust Seasoning.


Lucy van Pelt said...

Mmmm... jicama. Funny though, I would have enjoyed it more if you explained that your knife skills class taught you how to throw knives at a twirly circus clown.

Kara said...

That does sound delish. How was the salmon prepared? I guessing something pretty simple-- lemon salt and pepper.

Thanks for the knife tip. I guess I've been bruttal to mine. I'm anal about my gighers, but not very careful with my knives.

Erin said...

Ack. I should have gone. Can we go to another cooking class soon? I really do want to go.

seeingyouthere said...

i have such a sudden craving for a diet coke.