Monday, January 08, 2007

A Meme from a meanie...

My sister tagged me and now i am doing this list of things no one knows about me ~but i share everything, i blog.
1. I biffed my last finals for both undergraduate and graduate school ~I slept through my last undergraduate final and had to beg the teacher for a re-do and broke the diskette my last graduate school final was on just before it was time to present ~there were five us who had a grade riding on this one and the teacher let me turn the presentation in a week late.
2. I have seen more than one boy naked when they thought i was asleep in their room and they could just sneak in for a change of clothing ~boys are dumb and i peek (don't tell my mom.)
3. My favoritest thing before I go to bed in the whole world is clean shaved legs on crisp clean sheets.
4. I love to iron and think rising steam is one of the nicest feelings on your skin.
5. I only sing in public because I think it is a commandment (D&C 25:12) and I am still a little bit afraid of God and my Father.

Now it is my turn to tag ~go ahead and make your list Aimes & Marce.


Lucy van Pelt said...

I can't believe you would call me a meanie after all the help I gave you for the final final! I love the smell of steam when I'm ironing. It's so nice. Too bad I don't like the rest of ironing. That may explain my many wrinkle-resistant shirts.

theDH said...

You are such a peeker. GAA Women!!!!!!!