Saturday, April 21, 2007


obsession: 1. Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. 2. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion. 3. A perfume by Calvin Klein.

Lucy van Pelt tagged me for the obsession meme. I am supposed to list five things I am obsessed with right now. So here i go in no particular order...
  • FABRIC ~I quilt and I sew and I am full of good intentions so I buy fabric to make about three times as many quilts and skirts as I actually finish. I currently have three large rubbermaid totes full of fabric, a large box, three joanns bags and a couple of piles of fabric at my moms house posing as her stash. I also have one quilt that I have been "working on" for seven years now that is currently all basted together and just waiting for me to do all the hand quilting on it. I am in the middle of two quilt tops too. I know I am sick but I was raised this way and I can't help it, plus I can point a finger at a lot of people who are worse than me.
  • TARGET TEE ~I am currently living out of two suitcases that I carefully packed. Oddly enough in those two suitcases I have managed to fit 20 target tees ~I still have a large pile of them at home. Many of them are getting warn and need to be tossed but every season they change the colors just a little bit and if I throw out the one green that I love I can't just replace it with another. I do throw out the groddie white ones because I buy four new ones at the beginning of the season.
  • DIET COKE ~I can discuss this drink like a oenophile will discuss wine. I know what restaurants serve coke products versus pepsi and I will hesitate dining at a pepsi restaurant. I know what service stations have the best mixes on tap. Don't even get me started on Sonic and happy hour. I try all of the crazy versions CocaCola comes out with that they slap that diet label on but I still prefer my DC. I like to drink it in a glass glass it has to be so cold it is almost frozen and it needs to come out of a can. When I worked for the US Senate I knew which vending machine had the coldest DC in it and would include it as part of my intern training. My favorite glass ever to drink my DC out of is a Tortilla Coast 2001 Inauguration glass that one of my interns stole from the restaurant for me. I get happy just thinking about it. I have thought about quiting but life is hard with out handy happiness.
  • GAS MILEAGE ~I will tell you about the gas mileage my car gets any chance I get (last tank 34 miles to the gallon.) I don't let people put a couple of gallons of gas in my car when they borrow it because then I won't know what my gas mileage is. I love nothing more than pulling away from the pump and looking at my number. Once I got 28 miles to the gallon and was beside myself with greif and had to have a mechanic look at my car and tell me that it was okay. My best ever 4o ~I got it on a road trip caravaning with Grant ~he drives like a 80 year old woman, it was awesome to get that number but not worth driving that way. My car LOLA is one of my favorite things but what I love most about her is her gas mileage.
  • MOVIE INSPIRED INFORMATION ~I like to go to the movies but I sometimes get crazy obsessed with the movies I see or movies that are coming out. Recently I saw Painted Veil. I read up on cholera for a week. When I heard about Marie Antoinette, the Blair Witch Project, I read up on everything posible about the production and totally knew all about the movie before they came out. Blair Witch had thee best movie websites ever! I like a good 90 minute adventure and the hours of joy it brings me.
I know that was way too much information ~sorry for over sharing!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Still Schmidting...

I am still Knitting and will post my progress or slow lack there of soon...

In the mean time I have completed another quilt and thanks to my friend Erin the recipient of this quilt i actually have photos to share. If you visit Erin (or Lucy the older sister) you have already seen it so this post is soooo boring and two weeks ago.

Here are a couple of notes on the quilt though. It was inspired by Denyse Schmitdt's "Any Way You Slice It." I used eight deep olive greens with at least two star fabrics and eight tan creams with a couple of stars too. The boarder is Amy Butler's King Fern. I had it quilted at The Corn Wagon by Ramona, it is quilted in a pattern she calls "blooming roes with leaves." I chose a vintage blue by Moda for the stop boarder and binding to offset the green. I also had it quilted in that same blue to soften the sharp lines and add another dimension.

I truely enjoy Erin and her many talents and had a lot of fun sharing this one of mine with her.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter Week...

I realize it is a week after the fact but I just got the photos finally e-mailed to me. I love any good excuse to spend time with my family and Easter and a free ride to Boise with my Baby brother and his brood was a good enough reason for me! Here are some photos to share.

Zee the wee was very content just hold two eggs during the hunt even though he was encouraged by all to hunt for a few more...

Smilie was seeing if the dinosaur egg he found would actually make a dinosaur ~it did...

Whit and her girls model the easter skirts I made them to celebrate the holiday...

I love home ~I love ham and funeral potatoes and I love the fact that home is wherever my family is.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Me unhappy what would make you think such a thing...

So work is sucking my soul dry so to make my soles happy I have adopted a couple of new friends.

Color me happy ~what could be better than a pair of wedge espadrilles with some madras plaid. They look stunning with my candy red peddie.

Classic black because it is thinning ~but the yellow ascents make me so happy in so many ways ~like the fact that it matches one of my favorite cardies.

Remember when I couldn't decide which pair of shoes to get for my birthday ~well I didn't get either because they didn't have them in the neutral in my size when I went back. Guess what I found at the Ross last week for a quarter of the Nordies price. ~my birthday shoes just waiting there to cheer me up on a gloomy day.

I tell myself someday I will find the job I need at a company I love ~but until then I have my shoes to keep me happy~ and my friends of coarse shoes could never be as great as friends like you!