Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Race for the Ta Tas...

So this weekend I sort of did the Race for the Cure ~and yes I did stop at the 7 eleven that was along the route and pick up a diet coke with light ice ~water was not cutting it. I don't even remember the last time i tried to walk 3+ miles how sad is that. Can I say though I think this effort is so worth it. It was really great to see all of the survivors out their and all of those people out there for those that can't be with us any longer. I selfishly did it because my mom has great ta tas ~that are supper healthy and we hope to keep them that way and so many of my friends have great ta tas and I would hate to see them loose them for any reason ~to many great ta tas have been sacrificed as well as the really great girls that they belong to. So if I can spend a Saturday morning making a little effort to keep more of them around ~well I do what I can.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


I just wanted everyone to know it is perfect patio weather in Utah right now ~I love this more than anything when you can go out to eat and sit on the patio and drink lots of diet coke. ~If you are me you end up spilling a fair amount on yourself but it is still a good time. Also you get to eat yummy bread. I love a good day and well the last 24 hours have been just about the best a girl could ask for. Oh and if you need one Aimes is just about the best patio friend a girl can ask for ~we have spent quite a few meals together out on the patio ~even in D.C. where patio season is short due to the humidity.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Too Long...

So you have to know that your hair is too long when you get three inches cut off and a week later anyone still has yet to notice~

I am trying to grow it out so I can donate it a good cause ~not quite like Jo in little women or that one episode of Little House on the Prairie but all the same a worthy cause. ~It will now take several more months but the ends were just too disgusting to live with any longer.