Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Going Good...

So I started my new job this week and well from what I can tell ~it is a good fit.  I am so glad to get this chance to start over.  
The other thing I have is a new address ~it is the smallest one bedroom a girl could ever live in but it's mine and I did have a good time unpacking the kitchen!  It is also within walking distance of my new job but I haven't had the guts just yet to try to walk to work ~I am worried that I will be late ~next week I will get over it.
It is also perfect summer weather so I am having a nice time sitting in front of my big box fan.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Out of Excuses

So I haven't blogged in a while ~you may or may not have noticed but I had so many great excuses as to why I couldn't blog.
1. Gilmore Girls ended and now I am at a lost as to who I will be for pretend.
2. It was my birthday and I had five separate celebrations to attend, one of which I had to fly home for.
3. Work ~bluck.
4. Erin had to move away and I had to make sure she left because wherever she moves I somehow end up moving there too and well I thought this might be my big chance to get out of my blucky job.
5. I quit my blucky job. ~I didn't end up folwing Erin to Denver somehow I will now be in Provo a town I am all too familiar with.
6. I got a new job ~with a new dress code so I have been busy shopping.
7. I needed a pedicure.

Alright for the time being I am back and blogging again ~although I think it may be sporadically because until I can figure out how to get internet at my new digs I will be going into cyber hibernating for a little bit.