Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just a little bit ready...

So when I walked out the door today to get to work it was raining~ and because it has really rained that much this summer I was kind of excited and all I could think of was won't it be fun when fall comes?
Then I sort made that argh noise to my self because who wants to be that person that is always excited about the next thing?

Friday, July 20, 2007

I am as dumb as I look...

Good thing I look smart ~well sort of when I wear my glasses.
As you may remember I was so excited to get to have cable and dvr ~well you can imagine how annoyed I was that I couldn't figure out how to make it work. I was use to dish dvr and figured how hard could it be to figure out one for cable. I couldn't get it work. So finally contacted my cable company and after I talked to a second person she finally asked me about my cable box ~where we discovered I didn't have the dvr that I had ordered so no wonder it wasn't working. Last night I went and exchanged cable boxes and you will be glad to know I quickly figured out how to use the dvr. ~The girl at the office also gave me a users guide and there are all sorts of cool things I didn't know dvr could do but will soon have mastered.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So tired ~can't think ~must read....

I really feel like I am being held together today by diet coke and bailing wire. Why you ask would I feel like this ~two nights of very little sleep because of this...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Right where I belong...

I have control of the remote and I am so excited! Today thanks to my fabulous parents I have a T.V. and Cable. I guess the T.V. really is thanks to my sister Whit who up graded this last year and held on to the old T.V. so I could have a set when I moved into my own place. ~But Mom & Dad waited for the cable guy to come and install my equipment for me today so I didn't have to miss work. So tonight I am going home after work and make myself a nice green salad and start setting my DVR. ~except it's summer and well there really isn't that much to watch ~but by golly! I will find something.
~Aimes & Kay Dubbs miss my controlling remote habits no mater what they say ~you girls are welcome to come watch me flip through channels anytime.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Babies are never timely so why should I be?

So as many of you know I worked at a quilt store a year or so ago. While I was there I was often inspired to do so many wonderful projects some of which got finished and well some not so much ~Every once and while I look through my project box and decide to be a finisher. Well I am pleased to say I have finally finished my Autumn Harvest Baby Quilt. My friend Tamms was due to have a little girl sometime in November so at the end of October when this really cute bunny quilt came into the shop I decided to take the idea and turn it into a fall themed quilt. The actual piecing was done quickly and looked great and then came the appliqué. I chose the easiest form of appliqué and it still took me months to finish~ I used wool felt that I boiled and over dyed, ~it seemed easy and the girls at the shop convinced me that it would go together really quickly. The first part did, I got the pumpkins done in no time at all and then the leaves and well quick in some books is a day and quick in others is a week ~I was closer to the week. Well now the baby had come and Christmas was approaching so I just decided to put the quilt away for a little bit ~especially after the first snowfall it seemed like winter and silly to work on such a quilt. A couple of months went by and I started the acorn wreaths in the center. Every acorn is stitched down using a different stitch and well after about nine of them I put the quilt down and left it for a year. Well Eden the cutie pututie is 20 months old and Tamms just had her second baby so it was time to finish and be done with the quilt.

Here is what the finished quilt looks like when it was all quilted and bound!

Here is a close up of the branch down the middle with the 3-D leaf appliqué .
This is the best shot of the quilting I have to share the checks are cross hatched and then the gold row has oak leaves in it, the green border has pumpkin vines and leaves and the pink plaid border has pumpkins and vines. Ramona at the Cornwagon did a great job!

Of coarse the best part of any project is seeing it enjoyed...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Not to cry over spilt milk but...

Alright it was 11pm and I was tired and I was eating dinner in bed ~due to a lack of furniture and the like, so an accident was bound to happen. In one of those moments so oddly slow moment you wish you had it on film with a sound track behind it ~I dropped my fork ~into my glass of milk ~shattering the bottom of the glass out. I poured milk and small shards of glass allover my comforter and mattress and one of my pillows. Sure it was a pain to have to strip my bed down and get things cleaned up so I could finally go to sleep but do you know what the real bitch of it all was ~I had to spend $8.00 at the laundromat the next day so I could put my bed back together ~so crappy.