Friday, November 09, 2007

Painting the Town Yellow...

So one of the many fabulous things about getting married as far as I can tell is that mostly you really get a day that is all about you ~so if your favorite color is yellow ~that's what your day is about.The buffet is yellow with lovely fabric and nesting birds ~and yellow treats. My favorites were the lemon mouse the mango gelato and the chicken salad sandwiches.

Of coarse the cake is yellow and let me just say the flowers were amazing every kind of yellow flower under the sun was in the arrangements is an amazing way with just the right accents of color.

The tables were of coarse decorated in yellow with amazing scherenschnitte designs and trifle bowls brimming with take home bags of yellow treats. ~I took home lemonheads.

It can't all be about yellow some of it was about the amazing bride and groom who are so very in love in that lovely way.

Of coarse my favorite part though is the fact that you just get to keep sharing in each others joy. ~I met Kara in graduate school where we relished in each others successes both in and out of the classroom and though time keeps us moving some things like our success, our joys, our triumphs, they keep us coming back together.


miss sparks said...

sigh...i love kara. and goo. and you. miss you ladies.

Kim said...

come on get with it. What happened to posting everyday?

Jennifer said...

You better post something new before you are in big big trouble Ms. Ann