Sunday, January 27, 2008

Change isn't in always in the pocket...

So what happens when you do this... This...
Ashton the adorable girl who cut it was horribly worried that I would hate the fact that I was loosing 12" but I am so glad to be rid of it and very much enjoying the short hair.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

because i said i would...

So often I will write a post in my head and never get around to putting it down in my blog. This really should have been two post but I am putting it down into one.
So I got a new pair of jeans at Target a couple of months ago and one night after work I had to run a couple of errands so I tore the tags off put on the jeans and headed out the door. On my third errand as I was standing in the Provo library ~a place that I love~ A stranger came up to me and let me know I had a sticker on my jeans. ~oh yeah this isn't a cute sticker this is the sticker that is about a foot long that tells you what size my jeans are ~if it had said 8 I would have left it there needless to say it didn't and I now wonder exactly how many people know my exact size.
That incident alone should have been enough to embarrass me for at least six months but no... A couple of weeks ago I went to the gym ~shocker I know. Anyways when I work out I just wear my pj's maybe I am hoping they will some how morph my love of bed into a love of the gym ~it isn't working. I was wearing my blue pj bottoms ~my favorite when I noticed at the gym that I had completely torn out one of the back sides ~but this is where it gets good I still when and grabed a bite to eat with my friends while wearing them because ~who cares at that point really what do I have to loose.
Okay so one of my new goals for 2008 ~I have got to watch out for my backside just a titch more. I will let you know next year how I do.