Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sitting Pretty ~ Pretty Awesome

Yeah I got it together a scant 14 months after I began the project ~I finished it. I like it, I think it turned out nice. In my very neutral apartment the neutral couch isn't exactly what I would like ~but it cleans up nice and that's what I really wanted.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Um yeah about that blogging thing...

Okay so I have had a lifestyle change. Amies set up a google home page for me with a RSS reader ~so I never go to my blog anymore to link to the blogs I read and so I totally forgot about the blog and updating it ~oops.
So what have I been up to ~not a lot. I set a goal for my self last month, a sewing project a week, so I wouldn't feel guilty about the ridiculous amount of fabric that I am storing in my tiny little apartment. So far I have finished two quilts that were partly done, a skirt for the spring, and well this weekend I worked on the cushions for my sofa and was making really good progress until I cut one strip oh yeah two inches to short and now I have lost my mojo ~argh I hate that measure twice cut once rule when I forget to follow it.