Monday, June 09, 2008

for the record...

A couple of months ago in book club Lucy said how much she disliked reading her old journals and was thinking about getting rid of them ~they were silly and embarrassing, you know they were from her teenage years and early twenties. I absolutely balked at this idea ~how could anyone think of getting rid of such treasures. I have changed my mind. Lucy if during your move this summer the box of journals gets caught in a mysterious fire ~I won't judge. I opened my box labeled journals a couple of weeks ago and I have never been quite so humiliated in the privacy of my own home. The long drawn out drama of journal entry is still a little to raw to read. Luckily for me I kept several different styles of journals and a couple of them are great. My study abroad journal consists of 2" squares for each day so the entries are concise and still interesting with silly travel logs and silly quotes.
My favorite journal though is my Happy Journal, Tatum the best roommate a girl could ever have convinced me to keep a silly little journal where you just right five things that made you happy that day ~she got the idea from Oprah. How can you not love an entry that consists of this...
Sept 17th
1. Ben Hubbard
2. Mackenzie is not a baby
3. 16th Hole
4. VW is organized
5. Batting Cages
Went to work. Got VW all organized and am now starting to sort through the 2nd ~this should take forever. Tonight I went mini golfing with Ben & to the Malt Shoppe ~he is a QT let me tell you. I won by the way.

I have no idea what VW is I do know I had about five dates with Ben and have no idea what happened after that. I don't know what happened on the 16th hole or why on that day of all days Mackenzie wasn't a baby. I do know though that this odd little entry still makes me happy.


gioey said...

Have you heard of Sara Brown and her upcoming book "Cringe"? She's compiled various people's old journal entries, I can't wait to read it when it comes out in August. Sounds like you should have sent in an entry or two!

boisegrammy said...

Are we to understand that your journals don't rank up there with Anne Frank's? You never know who might be intrigued with the musings of a teen in the late 20th century sometime in the future. At least you are journaling.

Jennifer said...

I hate that cringee feeling inside when I read an old journal. It's yucky!