Thursday, August 21, 2008


This week was busy and the weekend was great but these are the things that stood out...
1. Home, I love Boise and Family and tomato sandwiches and wish more time could be spent on those things.
2. Team Craig, Part of going to Boise this weekend was to have a reunion with Team Craig and it was a lot of fun to see people I hadn't seen since leaving that job six years ago. I worked with a lot of really great people and so many of them made that little extra effort to be there.
3. Dish Fairies, So this weekend while I was gone my dishes magically washed themselves (thanks Sanfords.)
4. Book Club, I love my book club and am so grateful they let me come even though I never read the book and am always interrupting ~because if i don't say it i will forget it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Highlight of my week...

Okay growing up we always got to say what the highlight of our day was at the dinner table ~as a middle child this was my five seconds everyday when the whole family actually listened to what I had to say ~so of coarse it was highlight of my day as I would hum and haw just to make sure I got all five glorious seconds out of it. I should say as a teenager when I rather not acknowledge the fact that I had a family this was as much fun to me as having bamboo shoved under my nails and I usually gave helpful answers like "being done with my math test."

In college when all of the roommates took turns making dinner for the apartment on Tuesday nights ~my night to cook I would make everyone say what the highlight of their week was ~oh I miss Skyler when I think of how her answers always had to do with a cute boy noticing her.

Okay so here is the point to help my blog move a long I am going to "try" to post the highlight of my week ~or as the case may be this time the highlights of the last couple of weeks.

Okay so last week on the first Sunday I got to give a lesson in RS and because I got to choose the topic I gave it on my favorite gospel topics Charity.
Getting to go to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 ~with three of my most favorite people and calling that I get to be Tibby on our trip to Greece next year because I will most likely fall of a donkey if that is our mode of transportation.
Being compared to Alice in the Twilight Series by a friend that just started reading it ~who was my favorite in the series.
Making a new mixed tape with my new favorite summer song on it ~because nine in the afternoon is just about how my summer days run.

Alright now I want you to do me a favor and let me know what the highlight of your week was ~because in college I realized the best part of the highlight of the week was not me gushing to my roommates but hearing them gush about all that was good and right in the world.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Boys of Summer...

So one of the best things about Summer ~now that I no longer get some sort of mandatory non thinking vacation ~is My Boys. Okay so for the last couple of summer I get hang out with P.J. and the gang. This season did not disappoint. It was at least as good as a Thursday night game at Camden with pistachios, a dog and two diet cokes. I enjoyed Brando's man crush, Brando's inability to distinguish Switzerland from Sweden, Mike's McKlintock, Mike's shirt ~so icky, Bobby's dimples ~i swear they could just show bobby sitting there smiling for a half hour and I would would watch, Kenny's hook up ~way to call that Aimes, Andy's "hold for laughs". I could go on forever but I do have to give one last shout out to the name of the last episode "John, Cougar, Newman Camp." Oh Betsy thanks for giving me a little vacation every summer~

Sunday, August 03, 2008

A fill in...

Okay because I am over this ~ I get to be way Geeked Up about this ~

Saturday, August 02, 2008

All Geeked Up & then Over It...

Okay so I have about ten things I absolutely hate about my personality ~they aren't huge things they are just those little annoying things you know about yourself and wish you could change but don't really bother to even though you know you would be much more awesome without them ~but they are you quirks the things that make you.
So I get Geeked Up! I means seriously Geeked Up about stuff ~lame stuff. I hate to mention this but the first time I really understood how Geeked Up I got about stuff was the Blair Witch Project ~that's three weeks of my life that I wish I could have back ~I knew everything about that movie I would talk about it all the time ~I hate scary movies ~but the marketing oh the marketing of it. I was Geeked Up about it. ~I actually saw this movie (i use that term loosely a better word would be heard) and I rarely ever see anything with that sort of rating and I never see scary movies ~I mean seriously I had to be really Geeked Up about this thing to commit my self to it on this level. But... besides using as an example of when I first noticed the Geeked Up ~I have never thought about that film, I really could careless about it, what can I say but I'm Over It.
So here is the deal about when I get all Geeked Up ~when it's over it is over for me ~like oh so Over It. So when I know I am getting all Geeked Up and I can't hide it and things become all consuming for me I start to long for the day I will be Over It.
That day has come for Twilight ~and I knew it would that is why the fourth book was a huge deal for me ~huge! I was way Geeked Up about that book series and it wasn't even that cool but I couldn't get away from it ~because I have no power once the Geeked Up status starts but to hope for some sort of end. Today just fifteen minutes ago with only 4.5 hours of sleep in my system along with three diet cokes and two brownies one glass of water and five interruptions to work on my calling ~the only thing powerful enough to get through the Geeked Up. I am Over It. It feels good it feels really good ~I knew when I started the final book I would take what ever it had to offer ~I would enjoy it and not judge (the fashion was so much better in this one, but not perfect ~really a pale gray suite I don't get it) and I did just that.
So now that I am Over It. ~oh yeah I am starving I am exhausted I have a killer headache, and I have a million things to work on for tomorrow and next week in general ~but I am feeling good because what can I say ~I'm Over It.