Monday, September 29, 2008

It's just so hard to decide...

So on Friday night I was hanging out with my friend Janelle and we were watching Sweet Home Alabama and we had to agree that it would be a really hard decision between Andrew Hennings and Jake Perry. I think Janelle with her obvious preference for dark hair and light eyes would most likely go for Andrew. I on the other hand find Jake just so overwhelmingly charming that as much as dark hair and light eyes is my favorite I would pick the blondie with southern charm every time ~I love the way he talks. ~which is funny because most of the time I prefer my conversation to be more like ripping off a bandaid and it takes every ounce of pacients in my soul to not yell out every time I talk with someone at work "Get to the Point Already, Geepers!!!" So I just have to ask ~who would you choose... Andrew future presiential material with a Tiffany dimond and those light eyes that look at your soul, or Jake the slow talking glass boy who you could mess with his hair every time you walked by him because you know you could get away with it?

I mean decisions are hard ~don't even get me started on Palin vs. Obama...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

in all my spare time...

I finally got around to painting my bedroom mirror ~it went from odd yellowing cream to a cute robins egg blue ...
I have high hopes for the rest of the room at some point I am going for a robins egg blue and lime green ~if it ever happens I promise it will be cute, or at least I will pretend it is.

PP11 goodness

So an important part of being the RSPres is welcoming new members into the ward ~most of the time I am not as on top of this as I would like to be ~but yesterday I showed up about four hours after the new ward member moved in...
Please welcome Cash into the ward, he is healthy and sweet and weighs about 7lbs 11oz and is so cool he gives me the chills.

Here is a quick photo of the new family...

oh and mom is doing fine ~all seven layers of her that she is a little too aware of at the moment are fine.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Last month I ran home for a quick weekend with the sisters and thought that the early morning flight on Monday would be the best way to get back to Utah ~so just as a heads up the only thing I do at 6am is sleep ~ and while walking through the Boise airport I slipped on the freshly waxed floor and ended up doing my best Mary Katherine Gallagher Superstar move and got this in return...

~the upside I didn't spill a drop of my Diet Coke ~yeah I drink it at 6am...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hands down easiest highlight
1. hot Josh ~oh my hot Josh
and for the rest of the week...
2. fabric shopping on Saturday ~I just like to look sometimes and that is easy to do when someone else buys.
3. new cake plate ~it's Halloween themed
4. early church = Sunday nap, thank you regional conference
5. Lolo's birthday with mixed tap ~so much fun to listen to at work this week
6. tomato sandwiches ~you have to love the harvest
7. fabric softener ~my jeans are so comfy

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What now?

So I love my netflix account. I enjoy watching weird and obscure movies, but I really enjoy watching my TV on DVD. I just finished watching all seven season of West Wing ~I love that show I love, love Bradley Whitford! ~and now I am feeling the void so ~what should I toss into the que ~what show am I missing out on that will become my new boyfriend something to look forward to something that will cheer me up when I see the red envelope, you know something to hang out with on a Wednesday night when you rather have a night in.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So little time so much going on this last couple of weeks.
~ this is a little back handed but I am so glad the company party is over, I love it but... it is just so stressful and so much work.
~ the GAME!!! I make the company play one game and I love it, oh so much fun.
~fifth Sunday = sleeping in!
~flip flops & hoodies ~perfect transition weather where i can wear flip flops & hoddies together perfectly (when i get to heaven it had better be weather meant for flip flops & hoodies or I am not sticking around ~as if i could get in in the first place)
~enrichment ~I am so excited for the caramel apples coming my way this october.
~fried chicken ~wholly crap $ that was good stuff
~mixed tapes ~aimes little dance mix has me missing dance party USA so much

the highest of the lights ~SPEND the NIGHTS ~because no one does a better version of a thirteen year old then me (not even macadoodle and she is thirteen.)